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      Empower Municipalities for Advancement of Young Women

      Empower Municipalities for Advancement of Young Women

      The campaign will actively contribute to the empowerment and advancement of young girls and women, enhancing their social integration within the region. ...

      Ongoing campaign

      Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Lebanon

      Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Lebanon

      The campaigns aim to implement various projects supporting vulnerable communities in Lebanon.

      $731,858 / $700,000

      Providing Aid to Needy People in Indonesia

      Providing Aid to Needy People in Indonesia

      The campaigns provide aid to needy people in Indonesia through the use of zakat, infaq, alms, and online donations.

      $3,950,000 / $3,000,000

      Build a Community with Access to Water and Sanitation

      Build a Community with Access to Water and Sanitation

      The campaign will create a community that leads to independence by increasing and strengthening the local economy and improving health status in the village. ...

      $23,500 / $23,500

      Educating Vulnerable Orphans in Morocco

      Educating Vulnerable Orphans in Morocco

      Creating a center for educational support for orphan children at risk of school drop-out

      $70,600 / $50,000

      Help us Build a Playground

      Help us Build a Playground

      The campaign will support children living in vulnerable communities through the power of sports.

      $10,000 / $9,940



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      Ghiras ALKhaeer Humanitarian Organization

      We are a non-governmental organization of civil society organizations working in the field of providing care and assistance to the less fortunate communities, t ...


      l'ONG GLOBE est une organisation à but non lucratif qui travaille pour contribuer à la lutte contre la pauvreté dans les zones rurales de la Mauritanie. ...

      Pen PR agency

      We are engaged in advertising and PR services. We PRed the "Save Water" project of the Ministry of Water Economy and UN small grants for 7 months of 2023. ...

      Samarkand branch of the public association Yuksak Salohiyat

      To promote the development and support of citizens' initiatives, the use of rights and freedoms in building civil society.

      Konimex nogironlar jamiyati

      Nogironligi bor insonlarni sog'lom jamiyatga kiritish va mehnat bilan ta'minlash

      Navoiy viloyati Asalarichilar assatsiatsiyasi

      Asalarichilikni rivojlantirish va asalarichi subyektlar bilan ishlash

      Organization for women empowerment and development, OWED

      OWED is a Women Led Organization with mission to engage women and girls as independent advocates for their rights. Our vision is improving the status of women ...

      Friends of Nature CIG

      Friends of Nature is engage in organic farming systems through integrated livestock and food crop production.

      Women Agri Investment Hub

      WAIH’s Mission is to inspire and connect women business owners by linking women agri- entrepreneurs to innovators, business investors, and philanthropists. ...

      Asaah Fonyam and Angwi Foundation .AFAF.

      NGO for environment, agriculture and sustainable socio-economic as well as capacity development registered in 2016. Works in partnership with local communities ...

      Islamic Private Education Secretariat,South West

      The Organization was created out of the need to empower Muslim girl child, youths and women who are being relegated by bias cultural practices.

      NGO Rahmdillik

      Mission of the organization: NGO Society "Rakhmdillik" is a comprehensive social protection and promotion of the legitimate interests of the rights of women and ...

      Youth and womens center LIDER of Navoi region

      Our organization provides psychological support to women and young people in need of social protection in Navoi region.

      International woman public fund Sharq Ayoli Woman of East

      The Found was established in 1999 and is a recognized leader of the social movement of Uzbekistan, the author and coordinator of a number of social projects. ...

      Strategic Humanitarian Services SHUMAS

      SHUMAS est une organisation non gouvernementale à but non lucratif, basée à Bamenda-Cameroun.elle œuvre dans le secteur développement et humanitaire.

      Bless Foundation

      An NGO focused on improving the quality of life of women, girls and boys through education, training and counseling. Youth empowerment,health and peace advocacy ...

      Naerhes Foundation

      We are an NGO focused on providing philanthropic assistance to orphans, underprivileged children, the internally displaced, poor families and women empowerment ...

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