Support Biogas Solutions for Women Farmers

The campaign will utilize biogas as a source of energy and fertilizer for women farmers and farmers with disabilities to enhance their economic opportunities.

Support Biogas Solutions for Women Farmers

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to provide biogas solutions for 50 households managed by women farmers.


Women farmers and people with disabilities often experience difficulties in earning a living, especially in rural areas where job opportunities are scarce while living costs continue to rise. The high price of LPG gas, IDR 65,000 per canister, further increases living expenses, making it difficult to access affordable and environmentally friendly energy. Consequently, most people prefer to use firewood, despite the risk of respiratory tract infections.

In this area, farmers still practice burning crops at the end of the harvest season, leading to frequent forest fires, especially in the Behoa Valley where these villages are situated. Additionally, farmers rely on synthetic fertilizers that are harmful to the environment, and there is a trend of complete land clearance, particularly on sloping terrain, leading to the risk of landslides during heavy rain or earthquakes.


With this livestock and biogas assistance program, we invite everyone to get involved in providing new livelihood solutions for women farmers and people with disabilities, helping them survive in difficult conditions and protect their health from environmental pollution. Achieving a clean, pollution-free environment will significantly improve their quality of life and health.

The Lore Tengah District, a corn farming development area supported by WVI, is located 367 kilometers from the provincial capital. We eagerly await your participation so that we can meet the required funds of $73,040 promptly. Our project presents a balanced solution by developing an integrated agricultural system with biogas. Corn waste will be utilized as animal feed, and livestock waste will serve as raw material for biogas production. This biogas will provide a sustainable energy source, while the resulting bioslurry can be processed into environmentally friendly organic fertilizer, promoting healthy and sustainable agriculture.

The campaign will provide biogas solutions for 50 households managed by women farmers. Expected outputs from this project include:

  • 25 cows can consume 625 corn stalks of waste every day (18.75 tonnes/month or 225 tonnes per year).
  • 25 Biogas digesters can produce 25,000 liters of biogas per day (750,000 liters per month or 9,000,000 liters per year).
  • 25 biogas digesters can produce 875 liters of bioslurry fertilizer per day (26,250 liters a month or 315,000 liters per year).
  • 25 biogas digesters can reduce firewood use in 50 households by 270 kg per day (8.1 tons per month or 97.2 tons per year).
  • 25 biogas digesters can reduce carbon emissions by 32.25 tons per year. With an estimated digester age of up to 40 years, the potential for reducing carbon emissions is 1,290 tons in 40 years.
  • The 25 cows, 25 cow sheds, and 25 biogas digesters are expected to increase farmers' income and food security.
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