Tadamon Grants

Tadamon Grants
IsDB-ISFD NGOs Empowerment For Poverty Reduction Program


THE Empowering Communities for Sustainable Development through Innovative and Technology-Oriented Projects

Deadline for submission - January 16, 2024

Are you a dynamic and visionary Civil Society Organization (CSO) passionate about driving sustainable development and making a significant impact on hard-to-reach communities? Tadamon is thrilled to announce the launch of the second round of Tadamon Grants!

We encourage civil society organizations to apply for the Tadamon Grant to expand, challenge, and level up their organization’s activities. The Tadamon Grants is a part of the IsDB-ISFD NGOs Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program financed by the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), managed by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). 

Aim and Objectives

Our goal is to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among stakeholders to empower local CSOs in their mission to address poverty, drive sustainable development, and improve the socio-economic well-being of marginalized communities. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact through education, livelihood income generation, vocational skills, employment, and community resilience initiatives.

Eligible Countries

The call is open to local Civil Society Organizations whose projects will be implemented in the following OIC Member Countries:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Comoros
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Niger
  • Pakistan
  • State of Palestine
  • Somalia
  • Yemen.

Focus Area 

We are looking for civil society organizations, including NGOs and citizen groups, as well as social entrepreneurs and development start-ups, with innovative project proposals that are working in the field of:

  • Promoting refugees /IDPs and orphans, women, youth, and people with disabilities
  • Basic education 
  • Vocational training and skills development
  • Empowering vulnerable communities through community resilience building (income-generating activities)
  • Social inclusion
  • Poverty alleviation;
  • Climate and Green Energy     
  • Unemployment  
  • Building Resilience 

We seek innovative, technology-oriented, and competitive projects, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We are particularly interested in innovative projects that leverage technology to enhance education, livelihood income generation, vocational skills, employment, and community resilience initiatives.

Screening and Eligibility

  • A proven track record in delivering development-humanitarian initiatives with a focus on sustainability, inclusiveness, and community resilience: 
  • A valid registration in their respective countries (In your organization’s profile on the Tadamon platform, you need to upload an official registration document to confirm your status in the countries you operate). 
  • Participated in the Tadamon Capacity Strengthening Portal (at least one course to be completed) 
  • Be able to demonstrate their achievements to date
  • Are based in one of the following OIC Member Countries: 
  • Burkina Faso, Comoros, Iraq, Jordan, Niger, Pakistan, State of Palestine, Somalia, Yemen.
  • Have a minimum of three years of experience in delivering projects      
  • Proposal to be innovative, transformative, and scalable by bringing a new approach to address critical challenges in one of the areas related to promoting education and the resilience of the communities as follows: refugees /IDPs and orphans, women, youth, and people with disabilities basic education unemployment, vocational training, and skills development, empowering vulnerable communities through community resilience building (income generating activities); social exclusion, poverty alleviation and climate and green energy
  • Can demonstrate good practice in corporate governance and financial management
  • Can demonstrate the ability to provide matching funds or a co-financing ratio of 1:1 or more. 
  • Can demonstrate a concrete activity plan and budget breakdown for the requested funding

Contents of the proposals that do not meet the necessary standards of quality will not be selected.

Shortlisted CSOs will be going through the Bank’s due diligence which includes: Compliance, Recommendation \ No Objection letter from the IsDB Governor's Office, Procurement, and Technical Reviews and Approval. 

Grant implementation

Throughout the grant implementation, projects must demonstrate that they are promoting innovations that positively affect marginalized communities through education, livelihood income generation, vocational skills, community resilience, and employment. Grantees are expected to set and agree measurable targets with the Bank for the project's life. 

Types of Support Available 

TADAMON Program will provide grantees with 

  • Funding;
  • Support with facilitating peer learning and networking opportunities amongst all grantees. 
  • Introductions to other CSOs in other MCs where appropriate. 

Funding and Support

An indicative allocation of $120,000 is anticipated per country. Organizations that can apply for this allocation should be from Burkina Faso, Comoros, Iraq, Jordan, Niger, Pakistan, the State of Palestine, Somalia, and Yemen. Each country will have 1 winner with a prize of up to US$120,000.

The Tadamon program will also carry out three steps to ensure sustainable financing mechanisms, which include: 

  • The Grant 
  • Engage local CSOs to leverage the grant funding with notably International NGOs, Donors, and other partners that can mobilize matching funds
  • Support local CSOs to post the selected projects on TADAMON to have access to innovative additional funding (such as Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy).

Matching Contributions

TADAMON requires a matching contribution from applicants in order to demonstrate buy-in and commitment from the applicants. Acceptance of match funding is subject to approval by TADAMON: 

All applicants must provide a matching contribution of at least 50% of the amount requested (i.e. if an organization is requesting a grant of $40,000 from TADAMON, a contribution of at least $20,000 from other sources is required). Matching contributions can be made ‘in cash’ and/or ‘in kind.’ 

Proposals that reach between 2 to 4 times the funding provided by the Bank contribution (grant) will be given priority.

Evidence of matching contributions must be provided to TADAMON upon submission of a full proposal.

Type of matching accepted 


Direct financial contributions to the project from the applicant and/or third parties such as donors (individuals, foundations, governments, impact investors, etc. 

Evidence accepted: Signed MoU or contract, a bank statement and a letter confirming the total amount disbursed or to be disbursed by the other party(-ies). 

Evidence submitted to TADAMON of matching commitments must include all conditions, timescales, and any other considerations.

Example (sources): Include funding from: a) Cash b) Impact investment c) Crowdfunding d) Grants (from other donors, governments, or foundations) 

In kind

In-kind matching includes any significant and quantifiable contribution to the project that is not financial. Applicants must be able to quantify and demonstrate what results any matching given in kind will achieve for the proposed project.  

Evidence accepted: In cases where in-kind matching is offered, TADAMON will discuss with the applicant how best to agree on the match funding commitment and valuation. 

Example (sources): May include a) Use of goods, services, and facilities (such as software), b) Provision and access to equipment, c) Technical assistance

Competitive Selection Process

Applications will be evaluated based on the extent to which they reflect the Program objectives, the quality of proposals, and the CSO's ability to mobilize funds. We are seeking projects that showcase exceptional innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. Successful applicants will be rewarded with the chance to be part of our regional projects \ activities, each lasting 6 to 12 months.

Submitting the project 

To apply with project proposals for the Tadamon Grant, your organization needs to create a profile on the Tadamon platform, if you don’t already have one. You will be able to access the application form through your organization’s dashboard. You need to download an application form, fill it in with information about your project proposal in English, and send it in Word format to this email address: grants@tadamon.community by January 16th, 2024


Deadline for submitting applications: January 16, 2024

Notification of Results to Successful Organizations: May - June, 2024.

Application language: English

Be a Catalyst for Change

This is your opportunity to be a catalyst for change, driving impactful initiatives that reach the most vulnerable communities. Showcase your vision, creativity, and passion for sustainable development, and be a leader in transforming lives.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of empowerment, collaboration, and innovation. Together, we can create a better, more prosperous future for all.

Guidance on Tadamon Grants, you can download it here.

Apply now and take your CSO's mission to new heights!

Empowering Communities, Transforming Lives