Crowdfunding champions

Success stories

Success stories

Meet the champions using crowdfunding to change the world.

From building boats to transport children safely to school and opening new educational centers for orphans, see how people and organizations around the world are using the power of crowdfunding to bring change to their communities. 

Our champions are on the frontlines, working to improve access to and quality of education and healthcare, providing economic opportunities, advancing equality, and so much more.

Crowdfunding is a tool that can be used to raise funds from a large number of people for important causes, but more importantly, it is a gateway to bringing communities together, amplifying important messages and inspiring people to action. 

At our Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy, organized already in 21 countries, we teach people how to prepare and run successful crowdfunding campaigns. We equip them with a comprehensive set of knowledge, skills and tools to turn them into crowdfunding champions. This helps nonprofits diversify their sources of funding, while at the same increasing development financing for our most pressing global challenges.

The Academy is powered by Tadamon, a cross-regional community platform for civil society empowerment, the home to over 2,600 nonprofits. It is sponsored by the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, managed by Islamic Development Bank and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. 

These are some of their stories of bringing hope to communities around the world: