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      Be the HOPE for Palestinian children by supporting their Circus Education

      Be the HOPE for Palestinian children by supporting their Circus Education

      Palestinian Circus School uses social circus as a method to empower Palestinian children and youth, by developing their cognitive, social, artistic and physical ...

      A Model of Inclusive School in Senegal

      A Model of Inclusive School in Senegal

      The campaign will provide solutions through the establishment of adequate infrastructure, rehabilitation of a water point with the installation of a modern sola ...

      A Trot from Disease

      A Trot from Disease

      Children with special needs undergo rehabilitation courses free of charge through therapeutic riding, doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine. ...

      Help a Child to Find a Family!

      Help a Child to Find a Family!

      Our main goal is to help children living in orphanages find a family! To do this, we help and prepare 90 foster parents so that they take the child from the orp ...

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Providing courses and materials about safe childbirth for 50 people, providing a masterclass about pregnancy for 50 people. Help a webinar for pregnancy for 100 ...

      Creating a community that has water and sanitiation facilities

      Creating a community that has water and sanitiation facilities

      Creating a community, which leads to independence, through increasing and strengthening the local economy and health status in the village.

      $23,500 / $23500

      Support children with autism in Palestine

      Support children with autism in Palestine

      More than 3000 autistic children in Palestine need daily treatment. You contribute to 1000 health treatment sessions for children with Autism in Raseel ...


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      Karlara Dəstək

      We are a public union that operates to support people with hearing impairments. We organize trainings and create information sources.


      Promouvoir le développement social, culturel et éducatif de Galaqto

      Association des nomades du plateau

      C’est une association à but non lucratif qui mènes des activités multi-sectorielles dans les domaines de l’eau, l’éducation, la santé dans une localité rurale . ...

      Association lumiere des jeunes de AAD du Damerjog

      Amélioration des conditions de vie des jeunes de la sous-région de Damerjog

      Association Ilalta

      Promouvoir le développement de la culture; sportif; social et environnemental


      CAIDEL est une organisation Non Gouvernementale crée en 2009 et engagé pour l'amélioration des conditions de vies des personnes.

      Association Pour le Developemment du Secteur Lac ABBE

      L'Association ADLA a eté cree en janvier 2016 et a pour mission la protection de l'environnement et la promotion des actions sociale dans le secteur du lac abbe ...

      Association des femmes pour le developpement integre ONG AFDI

      L’Association des Femmes pour le Développement Intégré (AFDI) est une Organisation Non Gouvernementale Tchadienne fondée le 22 mars 2004 à Iriba.

      Ganja Regional Women Center

      Ganja Regional Women Center serves for the best interest of vulnerable women in Ganjabasar region by assisting the development of democratic values.

      Action Education Promotion Femme

      C'est une organisation de la Société Civile qui œuvre pour l'autonomisation de la Femme à travers les TIC et la connaissance et le respect de ses droits. ...

      Association Connect Djibouti

      Connect Djibouti est une association à but non lucratif réunissant des jeunes acteur ambitieux de la tech Djiboutienne .


      Our company mission is to connect people with and without disabilities through DanceAbility method workshops, performances and teacher training programs. ...

      United Aid For Azerbaijan

      UAFA was founded in 1998 with a mission to ‘aid long-term development of life in Azerbaijan, with particular focus on children, health and education‘. ...

      Independent living Center for people with disability

      Our mission: to provide people with disabilities access to all areas of public life and improve their standard of living.

      Shamkir Womens Resource Center Public Union

      Shamkir Women's Resource Center was established in 2015 on the recommendation of the State Committee on Family, Women and Children.

      UNIVERSAL DESIGN Accessibility and Disability Adaptation Equipments LLC Union of Disabled People O

      Creation of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities, provision of barrier-free environment.

      Cigir Public Union for the Support of the Development of Moral Values

      Our organization implements social and social entrepreneurship projects with the aim of providing moral and financial support to orphans, widows, young people. ...


      CRADD est une association à but non lucratif qui œuvre dans la recherche et des cation en faveur du développement mais aussi des actions pour la paix. ...

      Union des Femmes pour la Paix, Cellule de Moundou

      Association apolitique et à but non lucratif qui lutte pour la paix et contre les inégalités de genre à travers la femme et les enfants.

      Chemin de l espoir

      We are a local NGO based in Chad and we are actively recognised in the following sector. Health, education, accès to water , peace building and environment ...

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