Let's support 50 homeless people in Morocco

The campaign will support 50 homeless people to start new lives.

Let's support 50 homeless people in Morocco



Campaign Status

Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $141,000 from:

  • Ford Motors Company: $50,000
  • LCC1: $24,000
  • Online (classy) and offline donations: $67,000


The campaign aims to enhance the lives of 50 homeless individuals confronting extreme challenges in Morocco. The goal is to assist them in finding employment and stability, providing a fresh start with dignity and renewed hope.


Amidst a severe crisis in Morocco, compounded by the health crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and a subsequent social and economic downturn, there has been an unprecedented surge of support for those in need. Homelessness, a complex issue, has become increasingly challenging to address, and Jood has observed a significant rise in the number of homeless individuals in Morocco.


The project signifies a socio-professional reintegration program designed to rescue individuals experiencing homelessness from the streets and provide them with comprehensive support for a dignified reintegration into society. The program is inclusive, with a specific emphasis on prioritizing women and families. It begins by offering emergency accommodation in a hotel for a 7-day period, allowing individuals to restore their well-being while actively seeking a more permanent housing solution.

Furthermore, the program covers the rental costs of a room for 3 months, ensuring the necessary stability until individuals receive their first salary. Essential furniture, including mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, rugs, a gas hob, table, and kitchen utensils, among other items, is provided. If needed, individuals may receive training to acquire essential skills. Additionally, the program supports individuals in engaging in various activities such as selling fruits, coffee, popcorn, and more.

Through these comprehensive measures, the socio-professional reintegration program aims to empower homeless individuals to regain their independence, establish a stable life, and build a sustainable livelihood.

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