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      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Providing courses and materials about safe childbirth for 50 people, providing a masterclass about pregnancy for 50 people. Help a webinar for pregnancy for 100 ...

      Educate and Empower 55 East Bali Mountain Children

      Educate and Empower 55 East Bali Mountain Children

      Your donations enable East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) to continue providing quality education in 2022 for all 55 students.

      $67,757 / $60980

      Help 10 young women attend the FIRST female university in Somaliland

      Help 10 young women attend the FIRST female university in Somaliland

      Support 10 students with Tuition fees, School Supplies, Food, Medical Care and Accommodation at the first all-female University in Somali

      $3,901 / $7500

      75 Poor Mothers Defying Poverty

      75 Poor Mothers Defying Poverty

      K-MFI aims to create jobs for 75 poor women to enable them to support their families and realize their potential.

      Establish a Traditional Weaving Center

      Establish a Traditional Weaving Center is a program initiated to empower women in weaving in East Nusa Tenggara. This campaign aims to establish a new center in Flores so that more women in ...


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      The Association for Health, Education, Environment for Development was approved as an NGO on August 3, 2023. The number of the Framework Agreement is: 002002 ...


      Türkiye'de her kesimden endüstri mühendisi ve öğrencilerini tek çatı altında toplayan ilk ve tek sivil toplum kuruluşudur.


      Environnement, éducation, santé, paix et cohabitation pacifique

      Public Organization Sadoqat

      NGO Sadoqat is a nonprofit in Tajikistan. Its mission is to improve the living standards of rural population via structured partnership and sustainable practice ...

      dada kafa atolyeleri

      Bireylerde var olan potansiyeli ortaya çıkarmak ve toplumsal bir problem için özgün çözüm yolları bulmalarını sağlamak amacıyla; düşünmenin boyutlarını öğretmek ...

      Pak Aid Welfare Trust

      Pak Aid Welfare Trust (PAWT) is a registered and reputable welfare organization (No. 658/PCP-R1/2021) with government approval for international relief efforts. ...

      Sadakatasi Association

      As Sadakatasi Association we have been carrying out our efforts to reach a world order by way of goodness in which we can create a goodness feeling ...

      Orphan Foundation

      We aim to create an environment that will contribute to the development of children and protect the integrity of their mental and physical health.

      Ankara Orienteering Sport Kulubu

      It was established in 2009. Its aim is to ensure the spread of orienteering, which is a nature sport and to raise individuals who are sensitive to the environme ...

      International Migrant Women s Solidarity Association

      In order to make visible the discrimination and violence suffered by refugee women we produce more sustainable policies in favor of women together with women. ...

      Organisation Mauritanienne pour le Developpement des zones arides odzasam

      une ONG de droit Mauritanien spécialisée en environnement et du développement durable, Elle opère depuis plus de 20 ans dans le pays Mauritanie.

      Ilk Sen Ol Genclik Hareketi Dernegi

      İlk Sen Ol, aims to develop the skills of young people to be involved in social life, active citizenship, digital transformation, social sensitivity, etc. ...

      Local Development Association

      Our Association aims at holistic development with the mobilization of local and regional potential, carries out activities support economic and social. ...

      Tamdeen Foundation

      TYF is a Yemeni NGO that focuses on humanitarian response, aid, local development, climate action, peacebuilding, youth and women empowerment, and governance. ...


      Organisation Internationale de Lutte contre l'Extremisme Violent qui intervient pour appuyer les jeunes et renforcer leur capacité.

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