Rural Women's Agricultural Groups Mobilize Against Poverty and Food Insecurity

The campaign will improve agricultural productivity and contribute to reducing food insecurity and poverty.

Rural Women's Agricultural Groups Mobilize Against Poverty and Food Insecurity

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to construct a grain bank and support female agricultural groups in their fight against food insecurity and poverty.


Bodo, the capital of the Kouh-Est Department, in the Logone Oriental Province, Southern Chad, is renowned for its substantial agricultural output, earning it the moniker "Granary of Chad." Nevertheless, numerous challenges plague the region, hindering its ability to sustainably feed its population throughout the year. Factors such as rural exodus leading to population aging, adverse climatic conditions, soil degradation, widespread deforestation, insufficient support for agricultural communities, financial constraints, and population growth exacerbate the situation. Farmer-herder conflicts further compound these issues, creating obstacles to achieving food security.

One prominent challenge is food insecurity, as agricultural production often falls short, resulting in recurring periods of scarcity. Additionally, rural Chadian women, who constitute a significant portion of the agricultural workforce, face disproportionately low incomes compared to men. This disparity arises from entrenched social norms and practices that impede women's economic empowerment and perpetuate poverty. Moreover, women in rural areas encounter substantial barriers to accessing essential production resources, including land ownership, microcredit, agricultural inputs, seeds, tools, and training.

These systemic inequalities hinder their capacity to improve agricultural productivity and contribute to their vulnerability to food insecurity and poverty.


To address these challenges, we're launching the project "Rural Women's Agricultural Groups Mobilize Against Poverty and Food Insecurity in Bodo!" which aims to:

  • Construct a grain bank,
  • Store agricultural produce during harvest seasons,
  • Ensure food security during lean periods,
  • Stabilize agricultural product prices and combat speculation,
  • Improve stock management and reduce post-harvest losses.

  • Support agricultural groups,
  • Train farmers in sustainable farming techniques and efficient natural resource management,
  • Provide quality agricultural inputs at affordable prices,
  • Support agricultural product marketing and access to profitable markets,
  • Provide quality seeds to agricultural groups,
  • Facilitate access to microcredit for female group members.

By supporting this project, you contribute to:

  • Fighting poverty and malnutrition by empowering rural women and giving them opportunities to access decision-making bodies.
  • Providing women with opportunities to access production resources and technical training, enabling them to acquire new knowledge and produce more, thus improving their living conditions.
  • Reducing gender inequalities by enabling men and women to participate in the development of family farming and promoting sustainable agricultural development.
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