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      My Craft is My Job

      My Craft is My Job

      The campaign will provide appropriate jobs, foster economic growth, reduce poverty, and work to provide equal opportunities to both genders.

      Drops of Hope

      Drops of Hope

      The campaign will establish and renovate the initiative's headquarters, with the primary goal of economically, socially, and psychologically supporting and empo ...

      Stimulate the Market

      Stimulate the Market

      The campaign will enhance the chances of success and contribute to achieving greater economic development through the project 'Stimulus Market,' which focuses o ...

      $7,124 / $7,120

      From Women to Women

      From Women to Women

      The “Women to Women Guest Houses” campaign aims to support and finance a group of small tourist guest houses that will be operated by passionate women in Jordan ...


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      Dal Global Portal Co

      Dal Global is a digital platform that connects NGOs to corporate donors to finance social impact projects.


      Jusoor, which means "bridges" in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “Maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”.

      Darrit Khair Charity

      Non profit organizations

      Ayadi Al Badia Agricultural Cooperative Society

      Ayadi Al Badia Agricultural Cooperative Society It was founded in 2012, number of members is 55, the female component represents 60% of the number of members. ...

      Leaders Association CLA

      CLA has garnered support from experts in diverse fields, including Women's Empowerment, Training and Education, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and IT

      Sout Alkhair Charity Association

      Sout Al-Khair Charitable Association is a registered and licensed non-profit organization under the Associations Law No. 51 of 2008 and its amendments. The asso ...

      Mateen Rehabilitation and Training

      Mateen is a local CSO, based in Jordan. we serve the most vulnerable with different services including Education, protection, WASH, skills building, livelihood. ...

      Al Thoria Center for Studies

      Al-Thoria Center is a Jordanian nonprofit organization established in 2006.

      King Hussein Foundation

      The King Hussein Foundation was founded in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Noor to give enduring life to His Majesty King Hussein’s humanitarian vision and legacy. ...

      Turath for Social Development

      Turath for Social Development (TSD) main goal offering better services to the local community to help raising the standards of living.

      Nashmeat and nashama al tafila

      The association helps families in need, holds training for young men and women in the community, and empowers them economically and culturally

      creative youth charity

      Our institution specializes in project management and the implementation of development projects, with a focus on innovation in the field of technology. Our tea ...

      Hand In Hand For Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

      Non-Profit NGO with a mission to promote economic empowerment & entrepreneurship among marginalized communities especially women&Youth

      Al-Juman Charity Association

      Al-Juman Charitable Association, established in 2022 and situated in Jabal Al-Hussein, Amman, Jordan, operates from its headquarters within Sarh International ...

      Education for Employment Jordan

      EFE-Jordan is a locally registered non-profit organization established in Amman in 2006 that leads a national initiative to create economic opportunity. ...

      Bab Al Khair Charity for Volunteer Work

      "Empowering volunteers for sustainable development, Bab Al-Kheir fosters community resilience, education, and socio-economic well-being in Jordan."

      Jordanian Political Sciences Association

      An academic Organization whose membership includes professors of political science in Jordan, and carries out cultural, teaching and enlightenment activities. ...

      Majlisna For Societal Development

      Majlisna for Societal Development –is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society development organization that is the local partner of Civic UK

      Wasel for Awareness and Education

      Wasel is an NGO based in Jordan that aims at its core to bridge the gap between youth of different geographical & socioeconomic backgrounds.

      Awael Alkhiar Society

      since 2017 we have been involved with refujees and poor families giving counceling vocational training food distributing safe area for children with disabil ...

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