My Craft is My Job

The campaign will provide appropriate jobs, foster economic growth, reduce poverty, and work to provide equal opportunities to both genders.

My Craft is My Job

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New Campaign - Ongoing Online: The campaigns have been recently launched and, thus still in the process of collecting funds.


The campaign aims to establish beauty salons that provide training programs for 50 young people, aiming to enhance their employability.


Jordanian society, especially in rural and impoverished areas, suffers from several problems. These areas and their people also suffer from being too geographically far from populated centers in Jordan, as well as from poverty and unemployment. This project aims to create job opportunities and advance these areas economically and socially.

The youth, especially in rural areas, have prioritized confronting problems such as rising levels of unemployment, poverty, low income, and economic challenges. The Mafraq Governorate is composed of 51 villages, is 52 km away from Jordan’s capital, and has a population of 549,938 people. The Mafraq governorate lacks small projects and businesses that could help the youth solve their problems as well as provide them with personal income. Additionally, the governorate suffers from rising levels of unemployment and poor living conditions.


The campaign's goal is to set up beauty salons offering training programs for young individuals, with the aim of improving their employability. This project stems from other small, productive charity initiatives that focus on training and job placement for young men and women in the Mafraq area.

The project will provide training for girls in the morning and for men in the evening.

Upon completion of the training, participants will receive accredited certificates, providing them with a source of income. This project will benefit them and their families entirely, enabling self-reliance, increasing income, and improving their economic situation, thus sustainably lifting them out of poverty.