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Leaders Association CLA

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CLA has garnered support from experts in diverse fields, including Women's Empowerment, Training and Education, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and IT


Organisation type

Cooperative or farmers' association

Country of Registration

Annual Budget

25 000 - 100 000 USD



SDG / Categories

Gender EqualityLife on LandGood Health & Well BeingZero HungerSustainable Cities & CommunitiesClimate Action

Field of Activities

Agricultural and Rural Development
Women Empowerment
Climate change (education, research, projects)
Renewable Energy (promotion, education, installations)

Organisation Laguage





Shadi AbuDarwish




Cooperative Leaders Association

The association was established in 2020 under the Jordan Cooperative Corporation

number 0120203574. Amman, Jordan. When established, the association got hands from experts in

many fields as follows:

 Women's Empowerment.

 Training and Education.

 Agriculture Sector.

 Renewable Energy.

 Environment.

 Information Technology.


The association recognizes the importance of having a vision is to serve the community after studying

thoroughly the needs of the community and feeling the pulse of young people. We believe in team

work and we aim at extending our hands to the globe through the effective use of the internet.


The association seeks to be a pioneer in the field of social services and to excel through its potentials

and operations. Under the umbrella of professionalism, we are lucky to work as a team that relies on

the real spirit of team work. We believe that two person are better than one. We also have a keen

sense of responsibility towards our association and community as a whole. cooperative is a part and

parcel of our mission.