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      Stimulate the Market

      Stimulate the Market

      The campaign will enhance the chances of success and contribute to achieving greater economic development through the project 'Stimulus Market,' which focuses o ...

      Ongoing campaign

      Feed Them Right

      Feed Them Right

      This campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of healthy food and provide meals that include fresh vegetables and fruits sourced from local farms. ...

      Ongoing campaign

      Renew Health in Ghor Al-Mazraa

      Renew Health in Ghor Al-Mazraa

      The campaign will rehabilitate and develop the comprehensive Ghor Al-Mazraa Health Center to improve the health services provided to the local community by laun ...

      From Women to Women

      From Women to Women

      The “Women to Women Guest Houses” campaign aims to support and finance a group of small tourist guest houses that will be operated by passionate women in Jordan ...


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      Maharat Charity for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled

      Empowering individuals with disabilities through the provision of comprehensive rehabilitation programs (educational, training, and therapeutic).

      Wasel for Awareness and Education

      Wasel is an NGO based in Jordan that aims at its core to bridge the gap between youth of different geographical & socioeconomic backgrounds.

      Awael Alkhiar Society

      we are a women led non-profit organization dedicated to gender, religon, and race equility . Empowerment of women , girls , youth and disable persons . ...

      Yes We Can .. Inclusion and Empowerment for Capacity Building, Innovation and Sustainable Development

      Our Socio-Economic strategy focus on the empowerment and the capacity building of youth, vulnerable people and less fortune groups particularly in remote areas. ...

      Petra National Trust

      PNT is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that was established in 1989 with the aim of cultural heritage preservation.

      RAWSA (Regional Advocacy for Women’s Sustainable Advancement)Alliance

      Regional advocacy NGO to create a transformation in the laws related to women's rights and building the capacities of climate justice activists.

      The world of plants

      "World of Plants" is a pioneering app using AI to diagnose and treat plant diseases, improving crop health and food security globally.

      Rashat zaffran

      متخصصين بزراعة أبصال الزعفران وتصنيع بهار الزعفران الاردني الفاخر ومنتجاته

      AL Farouq Charity Society for Orphans Care

      AL Farouq Charity Society for Orphans Care is a Jordanian NGO providing healthcare, Educational and developmental services to refugees in camps.

      Dar Abu Abdullah association for philanthropy and development

      Dar Abu Abdullah is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to empower the most vulnerable individuals and sustain their livelihoods. ...


      Isnad International Center for Empowerment and Development is a private non-government institution that has been operating in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan si ...

      Jordan Cystic Fibrosis Friends Charity

      Jordan Cystic Fibrosis Friends Charity was founded in 2016, after noticing an increase in the number of CF patients in Jordan and assessing the extent of their ...

      National Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition NAJMAH

      NAJMAH is a Jordanian, non-governmental-Non-profit organization founded in 2004. NAJMAH is a member of the International Alliance against Hunger.

      Alwahat for Development and Training

      Al-Wahat is a non-profit company. Field of work local development, Sustainability, Economic and Social Empowerment, Relief and humanitarian aid.


      iico kwiat 1984

      Autism Mena Amena

      We advocate, raise awareness, educate, train & create a conducive ecosystem, supportive cultures & societies, void of stigmatism and stereotyping against autism ...

      Environmental Green Horizons Society

      جمعية آفاق خضراء البيئية ، مؤسسة غير ربحية، مسجلة لدى وزارة البيئة الأردنية، تهتم في قضايا البيئة في الأردن، مع الاخذ بعين الاعتبار الابعاد الاجتماعية والاقتصاد ...

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