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Jusoor, which means "bridges" in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “Maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”.


Organisation type

Nonprofit organisation

Country of Registration

Annual Budget

> 1 000 000 USD



SDG / Categories

Decent work & Economic GrowthReduced InequalitiesGender EqualityPartnerships for the GoalsNo PovertyGood Health & Well BeingQuality Education

Field of Activities

Youth empowerment
STEM Education (makerspace, hackerspace, education, promotion, projects)
Women Empowerment

Organisation Laguage




Nina Weaver




Founded in 2011 by Syrian Diaspora in the private sector, Jusoor is a unique model of humanitarian intervention known for its innovative approach, dynamic and continuously improving programs, high-velocity execution, and the strength of its global partnerships. We believe in lean impact, and hold ourselves accountable for being nimble and responsive to the realities of Syrian children and youth on the ground. We are also non-political, non-religious and globally registered in the US, Canada, UK, Jordan, and Lebanon. Over the last 12 years, Jusoor has been bridging the opportunity gap for war- and displacement- affected children at each developmental stage.

Through our four programs – Refugee Education, Scholarships, Entrepreneurship and Career Development — we have mobilized over 27 million USD in global support, significantly impacting the lives of over 15,000 children and youth. Our efforts have facilitated the provision of transformative educational pathways in the Middle East, US, UK, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, we have trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs and empowered over 600 businesses and startups. Our committed team of 28 staff and 50 frontline educators work passionately to empower and elevate generations of Syrian youth.