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      Dal Global Portal Co

      Dal Global is a digital platform that connects NGOs to corporate donors to finance social impact projects.

      Njawara Agricultural Training Centre

      NATC is a registered local NGO established in December 15th 1997 with the objective of working with women and youths in the North Bank Region of the Gambia. ...

      Young Volunteers for the Environment

      Young Volunteers for the Environment is a registered youth led non-profit organization with expertise in environmental management, sustainable energy solutions ...

      Jokadu Youth for Ecosystem Protection

      Jokadu youth for ecosystem protection is a youthful led organisation that is engaged on environmental conservation activities and the protection of ecosystem ...

      United Pan Africanist Movement

      is a transnational, non-political, non-discriminatory and multidisciplinary organization whose objective is to foster the development and unity of Africa to eco ...

      Letshego Organization

      Letshego Organization was registered in 2015 at the Department of Civil and National registration,Botswana.We have a committee of 14 selected members. ...

      Association pour la Promotion de l'Elevage au Sahel et en Savane (APESS)

      Née en 1989, l'APESS est une association internationale d'éleveurs liés à la tradition dont la vision est de renforcer les capacités des acteurs de l'élevage ...


      Jokalante is a Senegalese social enterprise that works on information technology for rural development. We have been working on community resilience using ICT. ...

      Association Fityaanou Sidkhine

      L'Association Fityaanou Sidkhine est une organisation qui évolue dans l'éducation des enfant dans les zones rurales. Elle intervient au Sénégal, en Gambie etc ...

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below