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      Educating Vulnerable Orphans in Morocco

      Educating Vulnerable Orphans in Morocco

      Creating a center for educational support for orphan children at risk of school drop-out

      $70,500 / $50000

      Help young entrepreneurs in Morocco realize their dreams

      Help young entrepreneurs in Morocco realize their dreams

      The project aims to increase youth employability and economic inclusion in the society and give them a way out of drug addiction, theft, and immigration. ...


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      Misr ElKheir Foundation

      MISR EL KHEIR FOUNDATION-(MEK) is an Egyptian NGO- since 20/5/2007. We are a developmental NGO & non-profit organization, concerned with Human Development. ...


      A moroccan environmental NGO working on the protection and restoration of natural resources, biodiversity, wetlands and freshwater ecosystems.

      association amal drarga pour les Handicapes

      الجمعية تأسست سنة 2017 هدفها الاهتمام بتمدرس الاطفال في وضعية اعاقة بتقديم الخدمات التربوية و الطبية والشبه الطبية من اجل ادماجهم في المجتمع

      Fondation ababou

      "En faveur de l’autonomisation économique des jeunes femmes"

      Moor Learning initiative

      Moor is a tutoring platform, connecting qualified tutors with learners in order to access affordable and interactive on demand one-to-one sessions. ...

      Centre for Democracy

      The Centre for Democracy is an NGO based in Morocco. It promotes the culture of citizenship, democracy, human rights and innovative inclusive development. ...

      BKMG Consulting

      We are a design office specializing in the study of training and support projects, we also work on auditing and management control and business consulting. Our ...

      Al Ghad Association for the development of the rural world-Sidi El Makhfi

      It is a non-profit association active in the social, educational, environmental and cultural fields, founded on November 9, 1999 in the commun of Sidi El Makfi. ...

      Association ES.Maroc.Org

      The Association is an association under Moroccan law created in 2017, in Rabat, and whose main objective is the promotion of social innovation. ...

      amis des écoles

      Amis des Ecoles focuses its action on the empowerement of the rural women and children of morocco by education and capacity building.


      A startup specialized in developing membership platforms that could be used in different activities sectors ( E-Learning, E-commerce...)

      Dar taliba laghdira

      la maison de l’Etudiante Laghdira, offre des services utiles à une meilleure qualité de vie avec une assistance à une bonne intégration de l’étudiante ...

      Moroccan Magic

      Moroccan Magic est une coopérative qui travaille pour l'amélioration des conditions de vie des femmes dans le monde rural, à travers l'autonomisation économique ...


      Assafaa national pour le développement durable est une association de droit marocain à but non lucratif qui milite pour la réalisation des ODDs

      Researchers Center for Studies and Researches in Social Sciences

      CCERSS is a research center for studies and research in social sciences, It is a Moroccan association that was founded in 2016 in the south of Morocco in a regi ...

      Association Tamount Ifran Atlas Saghir

      Crée en 2013 à Ifran guelmim par des jeunes acteurs, Notre mission est de réaliser des projets d'intérêt général en faveur de l’Éducation

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