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      MENA can

      We are on a mission to inspire and empower social entrepreneurs, grassroots media and civil society groups to change our world for the better.

      Misr ElKheir Foundation

      MISR EL KHEIR FOUNDATION-(MEK) is an Egyptian NGO- since 20/5/2007. We are a developmental NGO & non-profit organization, concerned with Human Development. ...


      Revival : development and environmental protection Aims to Empowering youth and women in social, cultural and economic life Developing youth skills and enhancin ...

      Tawassol association

      founded in 2005 , it’s a cultural and scientific association . it aims to improve the scientific and cultural aspects of the university and it’s openness ...


      Skills21 is an edtech that is training African and Middle eastern on business skills through online programs and matches them with top companies in the region. ...

      International Institute of Debate

      iiDebate is a non profit orgnaization based in Tunisia from 2013, focus on non formel education and youth economic, social and political involvement

      Tinest co and co

      Wework to promote the creation of spaces to exchange facilitate access to business opportunities & the promotion of economic initiatives with high social impact ...

      Association Tunisienne de Protection de la Nature et de l'environnement de Korba

      Notre objectif principal est la contribution à la protection de la nature et l'environnement dans le Cap Bon et principalement dans la région de Korba . ...

      Fineopolis consulting

      As a global Islamic finance and economy advisory group with SDGs focus: FINEOPOLIS believes in a new paradigm that puts finance at the service of development an ...

      Scout Without Borders (Tunisia)

      Scouts Without Borders is a civil scouting education association that includes a group without borders of young women and men

      Santé Sud

      Domaines: optimisation des systèmes des systèmes de santé, lutte contre les inégalités de genre(VBG, pauvreté)médicalisation des zones rurales .

      Association Initiative Kairouan

      AIKA a pour objectif de sensibiliser une génération d’entrepreneurs soucieux de l’aspect social et environnemental avec un appui technique et financière. ...

      Association Tounissiet

      to enable women from effective participation in public life and regionally and internationally with radiation devote equal opprtunities between women and men. ...

      Forum EL Jahedh

      Al-Jahedh Forum is a Tunisian NGO that obtained its legal license in 1990. It was classified within the category of cultural organization

      Tunisia Plus

      Tunisia PLUS is a Tunisian NGO which acts in the field of social cohesion, the propagation of the culture of tolerance and the positive development of young peo ...

      Tunisian Forum For Youth Empowerment (TFYE)

      Le TFYE est une association indépendante, apolitique et à but non lucratif qui vise le renforcement des capacités et amélioration des compétences des jeunes. ...

      Blédii Association

      Blédii is a tunisian association established in 2012 in Kasserine, midwest of Tunisia. Actually we work regionally and we intend to enlarge our field of action. ...

      الجمعية التونسية أولادنا Association Tunisienne Awledna

      a non-profit association created in Sousse in 2014 Specialized in financial and psychological support and care for children, youth and women.

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below