Support us Improve Health and Ensure Child Protection

The campaign will improve health, ensure child protection, and empower women's groups.

Support us Improve Health and Ensure Child Protection

Ongoing campaign

Campaign Status

Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to establish a medical clinic for the protection of vulnerable individuals and support for women's groups.


The provinces of Massenya and N'Djamena face issues of poor health and hygiene, which increases the spread of diseases. This affects the most vulnerable members of society who are children, young girls and women. 


A medical clinic will be established for the protection of vulnerable individuals, and support for women's groups.

This will contribute to improving human health. Awareness sessions will be organized against disease prevention. During this, protective face masks and other sanitary materials will be distributed. Clothing, mattresses, and bedding will be provided to orphaned children to ensure their protection. 

Additionally, women's groups will be equipped with materials and products to facilitate horticultural cultivation, making them more self-reliant in their care.

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