Providing Aid to Needy People in Indonesia

The campaigns provide aid to needy people in Indonesia through the use of zakat, infaq, alms, and online donations.

Providing Aid to Needy People in Indonesia


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Campaign Status

Campaign Completed: After the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy, the organization has scaled up the campaign in additional follow-up campaigns and successfully raised funds via the following sources:


The campaigns aim to implement integrated programs in the fields of education, health, economics, and the environment to foster happiness for those in need in Indonesia. Funds for campaigns are raised through various tools, including the management of zakat, infaq, alms, and online donations. Over 80 campaigns have been launched on different platforms, which can be found via the links above. A few examples of campaigns can be found below:

1- Provide Food Aid to Needy Families in Indonesia

Via this campaign, $55,549 were collected.


In the heart of Indonesia, there are families struggling to put food on their tables. Hunger doesn't discriminate. It affects our neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens. Many children are also orphans, and their numbers have risen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rumah Zakat provides two types of assistance packages; the first is a ready meal package which contains rice and a side dish, while the family gift package contains daily supplies of groceries such as rice, flour, cooking oils, eggs, and other basic food items. Hopefully, this assistance might ease their burden, and help sustain our brothers and sisters and their families.

2- Support Elderly People with Fidyah Donations

Via this campaign, $8,884 were collected.


In our community, there are numerous nursing homes that play a crucial role in providing care for the elderly. These homes require ongoing support and attention to ensure the well-being of their residents. This support encompasses various aspects, including the provision of essential necessities such as food and other materials necessary for daily living. Many of the elderly individuals residing in these homes are facing challenging circumstances, and their needs extend beyond just basic care.

Beyond the vital support required by nursing homes, it's essential to recognize that elderly individuals residing in villages are also in need of our assistance. These seniors often face unique challenges associated with rural living, where access to resources and services may be limited.


Fidyah is a replacement payment for individuals unable to fast during the month of Ramadan due to illness or pregnancy. To fulfill the fidyah obligation, you can contribute by providing rice or substituting it with the types of food we commonly consume. Thus, this campaign aims to distribute fidyah donations to elderly people in need.

3- Support us in Providing Treatment to the Poor.

Via this campaign, $10,341 were collected.


Mrs Surinah is a widow from Indramayu, her husband died 20 years ago. Mrs. Surinah was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 months ago. Before she became ill, Mrs. Surinah sold gado-gado to meet her daily needs, but because she had to undergo intensive treatment, she was forced to go to Jakarta to undergo a series of treatments at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital.

In Jakarta, Mrs. Surinah had no one to accompany her, she struggled alone to recover. His children cannot accompany him because they have to work to meet the needs of his wife and children. For medical expenses in Jakarta, Mrs. Surinah is helped by her children, sometimes even borrowing from relatives to buy medicine that is not covered by BPJS and for daily food while in Jakarta.


The Patient Shelter Home is a program to provide free assistance to needy patients from various regions in Indonesia during their treatment at referral hospitals in Jakarta, in the form of a halfway house.

I want to get better so that I can earn a living again. I have to be enthusiastic about therapy at the hospital even though I don't have anyone to accompany me. Thank God, you got help with a shelter from good people here. I'm very grateful, I hope that the donors who helped you will be given more sustenance. "Blessings, always healthy and goodness will be rewarded by Allah," said Mrs. Surinah while shedding tears.

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