Help us Build an Islamic School

The campaign will empower underprivileged orphans in remote villages in Indonesia.

Help us Build an Islamic School


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Campaign status

Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $7,448 through Kitabisa and the LaunchGood crowdfunding platform.


The campaign will support orphans by establishing a school in the village.


Education should be the right of all children, but various limitations often prevent them from attending school. This is the reality for poor orphans in Kadupandak Village, Picung District, Pandeglang, Banten, who aspire to pursue higher education, receive Islamic education, memorize the Al-Quran, and acquire life skills.

Unfortunately, limited funds meant they had to abandon their dreams.


For this reason, the Munashoroh Indonesia Foundation (YMI) is actively working to turn their dreams into reality by establishing an Islamic boarding school through the 'Free Islamic Boarding School Development Program for Orphans and Dhuafa.' The program ensures there are no tuition fees or development costs, and students also receive free school uniforms.

Up until now, the children supported by YMI have been attending a boarding school owned by community leaders in the village. Despite the limited facilities and infrastructure, their enthusiasm for learning remains unwavering.

Even though they are still residing in the house of a community leader, thank God, over the past five years, teaching and learning activities have thrived. The results have been exceptional, with students excelling and a notable reduction in school dropouts within the village.

This success aligns with the teachings of Rasulullah SAW, who emphasized the lasting impact of certain deeds. As he said, 'If a human dies, then his deeds are cut off except for three things: almsgiving, knowledge that is taken advantage of, and pious children who always pray for their parents.' (HR. Muslim).

The collected funds will be utilized for the construction of classrooms including the construction of bathrooms.