Educate and Empower 55 East Bali Mountain Children

The campaign will continue to support the provision of quality education for all 55 students in 2022.

Educate and Empower 55 East Bali Mountain Children


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Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $67,757 through the GlobalGiving platform.


The campaign aims to continue providing quality education in 2022 for all 55 students in EBPP's Jatituhu & Pengalusan schools, located in remote hamlets on the steep Mounts Abang and Agung slopes in Ban village.


With no government schools nearby or any public transport, these children, their parents and communities rely on EBPP schools as the sole provider of children's education, especially high school, where, in addition to the government academic curriculum, we provide extra-curricular modules in computer and financial literacy, job/university readiness and advocate against school dropout, child labour and early marriage, that still occur in these communities. Change has started: help us continue!


By educating this generation of children in these remote hamlets, they will not only inspire younger siblings and neighbours, but also educate their own parents, the majority of whom didn't go to school. We continue to teach the mandatory Indonesian curricula with the addition of a wide range of extra curricula subjects in health, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, Balinese dance, art, and hands-on creative recycling of plastic and other waste, especially bamboo off-cuts.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" (Malcolm X). Since 2000, we've educated more than 310 children, enabling and empowering them to pursue higher education, seek meaningful employment and/or establish a local business, and lead their communities to a much brighter future. They will become role models like some former graduates, one becoming a community leader and 5 we sponsored to university, the first of whom now works overseas.

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