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      A Trot from Disease

      A Trot from Disease

      Children with special needs undergo rehabilitation courses free of charge through therapeutic riding, doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine. ...

      Help a Child to Find a Family!

      Help a Child to Find a Family!

      Our main goal is to help children living in orphanages find a family! To do this, we help and prepare 90 foster parents so that they take the child from the orp ...

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Providing courses and materials about safe childbirth for 50 people, providing a masterclass about pregnancy for 50 people. Help a webinar for pregnancy for 100 ...

      Rescue Our Shelter And Help Us Move Homes

      Rescue Our Shelter And Help Us Move Homes

      The shelter, in which there are 116 dogs and 42 cats living at the moment, is solely funded by charitable contributions. Our primary activity is the rescue, tre ...

      $10,000 / $5000

      Help us Build Soccer Field for Kids!

      Help us Build Soccer Field for Kids!

      Bereke aims to build a football field and workout court for a vulnerable community consisting of 167 children, 59 families and 270 people.

      $10,000 / $9940.00



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      نحن مجموعة من الشباب والشابات نقدم رسالة وعي و فكر تكنولوجي صناعي تجاري عن طريق طرح أفكارنا على الجهات المختصة تأسس عام 2014

      ICEtech service

      It repair service center

      "Bolashak" Association, Almaty

      We are working on the formation of an expert community that is competent in various areas of social life of country with focus on quality education

      Public Association "Development Center "Infiniti"

      The organization has been in existence since 2019. Implemented 2 social projects in the field of legal literacy, intellectual, youth potential and family value ...


      We collect and donate computers, and run digital literacy courses in rural areas of Kazakhstan

      Kunde Social

      Traning, rehabilitation and employment for people with mental disabilities in hotels, cafes and restaurants.

      Общественный Фонд "Yмiт Yзбеу"

      Одним из приоритетных направлении работы ОФ «Yмiт Yзбеу» является улучшения социального уровня детей из уязвимых слоев населения.

      The Public Foundation “Educational Center “Bilim – Central Asia”

      Bilim Center is a non government organization with mission to promote the integration of Central Asian countries into international educational community. ...

      Public Association of People with disabilities "LAND OF MASTERS" (Общественное объединение инвалидов "СТРАНА МАСТЕРОВ")

      Train valnurable people and people with disabilities and provides them with jobs. Disabled people, graduates of orphanages, single mothers and former prisoners ...

      Union Of Crisis Centre, Association of Legal Entities

      The Union is an independed non-profit organization- voluntary association of legal entities in the form of Union.

      "Starmom" Private Entrepreneur

      Publishing, books for early education

      YBYRAI Foundation

      We teach non-formal education to children from low-income and low-income families.When a child grows up and becomes an adult, he will break the cycle of poverty ...

      Общественный фонд "Молодёжный волонтерский дом "Открытый мир"

      Организация волонтёрской помощи молодёжи с особыми потребностями.

      Public Foundation "Council of Veterans of the Second World War, Home Front Workers and War Children"

      Organization of charitable assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of the labor front, pensioners, children of war and other unprotected seg ...

      Center for the Development of Social Innovations and Technologies, PA

      We bring modern technologies into the lives of people with disabilities to implement their successful process of socialization, adaptation and empowerment. ...

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