Rescue Our Shelter And Help Us Move Homes

Rescue Our Shelter And Help Us Move Homes



We Need To Urgently Relocate To Save Our Animal Shelter, Help Us Find A New Home

Comes (from Latin of friend and Companion) shelter for homeless animals was founded through the efforts of a couple of people, namely Snegirev siblings – Sergei and Yulia. The shelter, in which there are 116 dogs and 42 cats living at the moment, is solely funded by charitable contributions. Our primary activity is the rescue, treatment, and socialization of homeless animals, as well as searching for a new owner for them.

We've Rescued Over 300 Animals Since 2016, But We Have Much More To Do

To this point, we have achieved considerable success: more than 300 animals were rescued, almost each of which has found a new family.

Why Do We Need To Move Urgently

Not Enough Space: There is simply not enough space to house all our animals. Currently, due to a lack of space, we are having to sometimes keep animals cross mixed together, this is not ideal for their environment, especially after being rescued from trauma.

Costs: Renting is expensive and as we grow we will face higher recurring costs. Ideally, we’d love to cut this cost now and move into something which does not have high rental costs.

Environment: We’re in a local residential zone, which means we have neighbors. Some neighbors are great, others are not so nice. We receive complaints about our shelter all the time and sometimes our animals become at risk. A new home ensures a safe and secure environment for our animals.

Your Donation Will Help Us Relocate To A New Home For Our Animals

We wish to buy a plot and build a center of kindness so that people could come and have a good time there. It would also be a place where young people and children could be invited to nurture them a right attitude towards animals. This is our main dream.

Our Impact: We've Rescued Animals Like Simone Who Have Been Given A New Chance At Life Thanks To Donations

Our rescue and adopt program ensures we take the highest care to give the animals in our care a second chance at life. Within three months, we were able to rescue Simone and see her through into a loving new family, taking care of all the steps along the way.

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