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We decided to open a medical center in Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan) for vascular pathology and invite foreign specialists to exchange experience and provide qualified treatment for our children. In the period from November 2018 to the present day, 9 visits of foreign (Moscow) highly qualified specialists have been organized with the involvement of domestic doctors in the field of vascular pathology.

We gathered hundreds of children with hemangiomas, but not all parents made it to the capital, again for financial reasons. Many families are unable to bring a child for treatment even to Nur-Sultan, especially in a pandemic. Therefore, I decided that the purchase of a portable laser device - Laser A sclepion QuadroStarPro Yellow 577 (Germany), which has no analog in Kazakhstan, will solve this problem. We ourselves will go to the regions and cure the children!

The device that we and our children need costs a lot of money, but to buy a lease we need to make an initial payment, and it's 11,689.05 USD and our fund can not afford this amount.

We are launching a campaign for the purchase of a portable laser, and we want to support all Kazakh children with Hemangioma. We express our gratitude to all who are ready to help us in this good cause. Every investor will receive a pleasant benefit (see the rewards section), and we hope so. that we will be able to collect the entire amount and help little patients! Today we have more than 720 children with such pathology.

We will cure Kazakhstani children of hemangiomas!


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