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Our main goal is to help children living in orphanages find a family! To do this, we help and prepare foster parents so that they take the child from the orphanage and never return it back.

All funds raised will be used to organize courses for adoptive parents (the state does not fund such training). Now foster parents are in a queue that stretches for a year ahead, wanting to study and take a child from an orphanage. Your money will help to bring the time of the meeting between the orphan and his new adoptive parents.

Who are you helping?

Orphans from orphanages, so that they quickly find families. In addition, you help prevent repeated orphanhood, because today 16-20% of children are returned back, and this is a lot, in fact, 1-2 orphanages, not to mention the fact that children who were returned receive severe psychological trauma.

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Sign up for Tadamon

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