Active Mother - Healthy Baby

The campaign will support 200 pregnant women in Kazakhstan.

Active Mother - Healthy Baby


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Campaign status

Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $25,000 through online and offline donations


The campaign aims to offer courses and materials on safe childbirth for a group of 50 individuals, conduct a masterclass on pregnancy for 50 participants, and facilitate a pregnancy webinar for 100 people.


Meet Sabira. She is an exceptional individual who accomplishes what even the Ministry of Health may not be capable of. She is part of the private foundation "Sattі Erkemai," which is dedicated to supporting pregnant women in Kazakhstan.

Sabira won a grant for the development of this project from NAO Nazarbayev University. She offered to create video lessons and masterclasses for Kazakh-speaking women. The project turned out to be successful and is actively utilized in maternity hospitals and clinics in Nur-Sultan and Shymkent.

There are even some statistics available. Over the course of 6 years, complications during childbirth in women and babies have decreased by threefold. This demonstrates the significance of knowledge and preparedness. When a woman is well-prepared for childbirth, she is more likely to make the right decisions.

Sabira mentioned that it all began with one concerning Instagram post. A pregnant woman from Zhezkazgan sought help, revealing that she had already lost her first child during childbirth due to difficulties in pushing, resulting in the baby's demise in the womb. Now, in her current pregnancy, she was anxious about the outcome and requested assistance because she couldn't find nighttime courses in the Kazakh language. She was invited to the capital, where a Kazakh-speaking specialist was engaged, and a childbirth course was provided.

In due time, the woman gave birth easily and without complications. Both the mother and the baby are in excellent health, bringing real happiness!


To reach all pregnant women in Kazakhstan, Sabira conceived the idea of creating a mobile application for expectant mothers called "All About Childbirth" in both Kazakh and Russian languages. This application will allow expectant mothers to access expert assistance from specialists. The application's functionality is straightforward yet highly practical. It offers a pregnancy calendar displaying the baby's development week by week, video instructions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for expectant mothers, physical activity examples, childbirth preparation programs, virtual prenatal consultations, and the ability to schedule appointments with a doctor.

Long-Term Impact

Empowered 200 women about pregnancy and safe child-birth and will continue empower even more women!

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