Help Us Purchase A Van To Transport Families With Disabilities

Help Us Purchase A Van To Transport Families With Disabilities


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We Urgently Need A Bus To Support Activities For The Disabled Community Who Use Our Centre

Balam-Ai is a voluntary social organization that helps adults and children with physical and mental issues in Kazakhstan. We've been serving the community from our centers but we really need to now buy a specialized vehicle that will improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries.

The Bus We Want To Purchase Is Adapted To Support Wheelchairs And Will Transport 

We’ve been able companies on the ground and we’ve been quoted $36,000 for the van. We’ll also need to raise a further $2,500 for maintenance throughout the year. Once we've raised the funds, we'll be able to get the vehicle transporting our service users in less than a month!

What Difference Will This Bus Make?

This wheelchair-accessible bus will allow our beneficiaries to freely move around the city without barriers, it will help them get to the rehabilitation centers, take part in nature trips, attend cultural events, and gain independent mobility throughout the city. Our campaign helps several groups of people: children and adults with physical and mental health issues. The problems of people with disabilities, and families with children with disabilities, is ongoing issue in the country. By contributing to this campaign, you will help make the lives of people with disabilities easier, better and brighter.

About our Center 

Our organization was established in 2008. Currently, our organization assists over 200 families and their children. Social support centers for disabled children and youth can be found at the following addresses in Nur-Sultan: Sh.Kudaiberdyuly 25/3, A.Bekturova 7, Saryarka Avenue 48/2, and A.Tokpanova 60. Speech therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapy instructors, massage therapists, and adaptive physical education specialists provide services. The centers also have "Owl House" and "Tomatis" equipment, video surveillance systems, and disinfecting tunnels. In addition, more than 20 hearing-impaired people and parents of disabled children work in our center. furthermore, a group for young people over the age of 18 with mental health disorders was formed. Aside from the services listed above, there is a theater circle, an eco-circle (growing microgreens and quails), and choreography. Parents were given the opportunity to work, thereby increasing the family's material well-being, in order to devote more time to other children growing up in the family.

How Victoria's Mother Tells Us How Our Centre Changed Her Life

She was born in 2014 with Cerebral palsy Atonic-astatic form of severe degree with hearing loss of 4 degrees. Like all parents of special children, I took Victoria to a variety of rehabilitation programs, some of which yielded positive results while others did not. By the end of 2018, I realized there had been no progress. Then, in December 2018, my daughter has been going to the Balam-ai center and since January 2019, I was able to get a job thanks to the assistance of this center. As a result, regular physical therapy classes have yielded the most tangible results. My child now sits on her own, crawls on a plast, can get out of bed on her own, and moves without assistance in terms of motor skills, Victoria refused to let her hands and fingers be touched. It was a difficult process for her to make any applications. Now, any moment involving motor skills is a source of joy. I understand how difficult it is for parents to make the decision to send their child to the center. But, with complete confidence, I recommend our favorite center "Balam-ai."

How Does the Lack of a Bus Cause Discomfort?

Victoria requires a weekly check-in at a special care hospital and wishes to participate in our nature trips and other events. Taking a taxi is expensive for her, and because she cannot afford it very often, she sometimes takes the bus with her mother. As a result of the unpleasant conditions in public transportation, Victoria is exhausted.

Victoria is not the only one having transportation issues in our center; many families cannot afford a car or comfortable transportation for their loved ones.

This could be: It is extremely difficult to move around the city because infrastructure and transportation do not prioritize the comfort of disabled people. The city has heavy traffic, and wheelchairs typically do not fit in buses.

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