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We deal with problems of global warming and environment pollution. We work to reduce the negative effects of human activity and support human well being


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Nonprofit organisation

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Annual Budget

25 000 - 100 000 USD



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Renewable Energy (promotion, education, installations)
Poverty Alleviation

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Alikhan Abdeshev



Worldwide, the problems of global warming and environment pollutions have grown. To reduce the negative effects of human activity in South Kazakhstan, our organization works in 3 main directions:

1. the development of ecotourism

2. the use of alternative energy

3. the use of Ecosan (dry toilets)

4.supporting well-being of native people

We support such kind of activities among people who live in villages near State National Natural Park “Sayram-Ugam”. We regularly give them necessary information, hold meetings, trainings, presentations. In this way we take care of nature in our region and help local people to be wealthier. The role of our organization is to establish contacts between state government structures, State National Nature Park administration and local people.