Happy to Help

The campaign will provide psychological assistance to families with special children.

Happy to Help



Campaign Status

Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising 46,000 from UNICEF.


The campaign aims to offer psychological support to families with children who have special needs.


The presence of a child with special children in a family leads to an escalation of family-related issues, including not only financial challenges but also the psychological unpreparedness of parents to manage the stress and potential burnout.


We aspire to provide invaluable psychological support to families raising children with disabilities throughout Kazakhstan. Our vision is to empower parents with the tools to effectively manage stress, discover and implement strategies for positive behaviors, foster resilience, integrate themselves into society, and aid their children in social integration. We aim to equip parents with fundamental psychological knowledge and skills, enabling them to engage meaningfully with their children with disabilities and within the family unit as a whole.

Our dream is for every "special" mom and dad to secure fulfilling employment and a stable income. Through the power of psychological assistance, we endeavor to guide parents in transforming their approaches and strategies into more positive ones, recognizing that the emotional well-being of children is intricately tied to that of their caregivers.

Our mission is to comprehensively enhance the quality of life for families with special children. To achieve this, we host a range of programs, including workshops for both parents and children, training courses, and advanced qualification sessions. We organize inclusive events to facilitate socialization, where children with diverse developmental needs, alongside their typically developing peers, come together.

From humble beginnings, we have already united 386 such families and established the sole office in Kazakhstan where parents of children with special needs work. Our foundation, "Bakytty Shanyrak," has provided employment opportunities to 13 women who offer services such as hair styling, tailoring, nail artistry, massage therapy, tattoo and eyelash extensions. We are proud to have the support of the Akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan and generous patrons.

Our animation service, staffed by eight dedicated individuals, accompanies every special event for children, be it birthdays, competitions, or holidays. The children and our animators are the heart of our Foundation, as the boundless joy and communication with the children infuse them with renewed vigor. We have also introduced a "Domestic Helpers" program, wherein trained mothers within the Foundation oversee, visit families, and provide initial counseling, furthering our commitment to supporting these families.

The project aims to address these issues and challenges by achieving several goals:

  • Teaching parents effective strategies for behavior, energy management, and the development of positive psychological states.
  • Equipping parents with essential knowledge and skills for the pedagogical and psychological development of both the child with special needs and the family as a whole.
  • Fostering self-esteem and resilience through psychological and psychotherapy tools.
  • Introducing parents to methods of psychological adaptation and cooperation within the family and with societal institutions.
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