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      Trias Burkina Faso is a local NGO that aims to strenghten and support organisations of small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs

      agro muda perkasa

      organic chicken feed : Being a pioneer in providing herbal supplements chicken feed, to replace chemical-based antibiotics, which proved capable causing allergy ...


      We are INGO registered in Nigeria with Mission to support Less Privilege ones, Community Development, gender equality and economic Empowerment scheme

      Gerakan Perpustakaan Anak Nusantara regional Lamongan

      GPAN Lamongan is community that focused on children's literacy development. We work by distributing book donations for remote areas and conducting other program ...

      Yayasan Inara

      Insan Negeri Nusantara Foundation (INARA) is engaged in social, education, and environmental fields throughout West Java, Indonesia

      Dompet Dhuafa Philanthropy

      Dompet Dhuafa is an Islamic Philanthropy Institution that manages funds from Zakat, Infaq, Alms, Endowments (ZISWAF) and other halal funds.


      Kopernik is an R&D lab conducting lean experiments to find what works and what doesn't to address social and environmental challenges.

      kelompok tani tallu salu

      Tallu Salu farmer group consists of farmers who have the same mission to improve the lives of farmers in our distrik.

      Hutan Itu Indonesia

      Hutan Itu Indonesia is a movement-based organization with a deep concern for the continued survival of Indonesia’s forests who opt to use positive message. ...

      Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia (Pusaka Indonesia Foundation)

      Yayasan Pusaka Indonesia is NGO focused in environment, child and woman protection, democracy, economic, livelihood, and Disaster Risk Reduction.

      Perkumpulan INISIATIF

      National Centre for Indonesian Leadership for poverty alleviation and social justice

      Jendela Desa Indonesia Foundation

      Jendela Desa Indonesia Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2013, we are focusing on rural economic , social & education development . ...

      Penabulu Foundation

      Civil Society Resource Organization For Empowered Indonesia Civil Society

      Perkumpualan Aliansi Insiatif Rakyat Ciliwung Cisadane (AIR CilCis)

      Perkumpulan Air CilCis adalah kumpulan relawan penggiat sumber daya air di wilayah sungai Ciliwung Cisadane antara lain untuk mewujudkan WS CilCis bebas banjir ...

      Dejavato Foundation

      Dejavato is an organization which concerns on social, culture and education fields through activities of international volunteers exchange

      Grow Eat

      Groow Eat is a community is engaged in urban farming and Biodiversity. Our target audience is 6-9 years old

      Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Asosiasi Perempuan Indonesia untuk Keadilan/ Women Legal Aid Institute for Justice (LBH APIK) Semarang

      Legal Service and Legal Reform for gender equality legal system to marginalized groups women, child, elderly, disabilities, minorities group.

      Yayasan Setara Jambi

      Empowering oil palm independent smallholders and food farmers for the sake of realizing community welfare

      Yayasan Filantra

      Filantra is a social institution that provides consultation and implementation of CSR and social funds for the good of nature and others.

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