Support us in Protecting Our Forests

The campaign will promote sustainable practices for the conservation of the forests.

Support us in Protecting Our Forests


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Campaign Status

Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $62,200:

  • $25,000 through Kitabisa and Ayobantu platforms,
  • $6,200 through Hutan Itu´s platform
  • $31,000 through offline donations via HII business WhatsApp, CSR funds, private sector support, and community.

Read more about the campaign details via the Campaign Report


The funds collected are utilized to implement social forestry programs in 18 forest areas and adopt 8,274 trees, promoting sustainable practices and community involvement in the conservation of these vital ecosystems.


Pak Sarno, aged 51, is a dedicated cultivator who tends to his small plot of land daily in Air Tenam Village, nestled among the highest villages above sea level in South Bengkulu. Surrounded by lush forests, Pak Sarno migrated to Air Tenam in the 1990s to cultivate fields that eventually attracted others seeking a cool, comfortable, and fertile environment. Over time, what began as a stopover for distant farmers evolved into a permanent settlement.

Historically, Air Tenam was harmoniously intertwined with its forest surroundings, aptly named for the river ('air') and the towering meranti trees ('tenam') renowned for their size and height. Unfortunately, the meranti tree population has dwindled due to land conversion up until the 2000s, leading to a famous local folklore warning that cutting down a meranti tree would take more than a day and night due to its massive diameter.

In the past decade, Pak Sarno, along with the community, supported by non-governmental organizations and the local forestry office, has actively engaged in social forestry initiatives. They've spearheaded a foster tree program to garner widespread community support in preserving forest cover, maintaining clean water sources, and sustaining the livelihoods of the village residents.


The Forest Indonesia is collaborating with Pak Sarno and other forest rangers to expand their community-based program through a Tree Adoption campaign in the forest.

This initiative aims to secure more donors, ensuring that Pak Sarno and his group can sustain and further develop their program in the village.

Their commitment extends to safeguarding every tree in the village forest, from the legendary meranti tree to the diverse flora and fauna, and the clean water sources powering the micro-hydro system that supplies electricity. This electricity, in turn, supports the education of their children, maintains profitable crops, and enables the village clinic to serve residents in need.

We invite you to donate generously, contributing to the success of this crucial program. Your donation will help us adopt and protect the forest, following the admirable example set by Sarno. All funds collected through forest adoption will be utilized to support communities dedicated to forest conservation and contribute to the 'Hutan Itu Indonesia' campaign.