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      Yayasan Perahu Kuning Harapan

      A non-profit organization that aims to provide access to education for children in remote and poverty-stricken areas by providing boats to reach their schools. ...


      We operate as INGO registered in Nigeria with Mission to support Less Privilege ones, Community Development, gender equality and economic Empowerment scheme ...

      Sekolah Mimpi Kepulauan Aru ( MIMPI BETAl)

      Sekolah Mimpi Kepulauan Aru is an informal school initiatiated to help underprivilidged kids in Aru and the school requires the students to pay with plastic . ...


      Kopernik is an R&D lab conducting lean experiments to find what works and what doesn't to address social and environmental challenges.

      Perkumpualan Aliansi Insiatif Rakyat Ciliwung Cisadane (AIR CilCis)

      Perkumpulan Air CilCis adalah kumpulan relawan penggiat sumber daya air di wilayah sungai Ciliwung Cisadane antara lain untuk mewujudkan WS CilCis bebas banjir ...

      Destructive Fishing Watch Indonesia

      DFW is an alliance of individuals and organizations concerned with the issue of destructive, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, climate change and pov ...

      Yayasan Setara Jambi

      Empowering oil palm independent smallholders and food farmers for the sake of realizing community welfare

      U-INSPIRE Indonesia

      U-INSPIRE is a platform of youth and young professionals to accelerate the implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in line with the Sendai Framework. ...

      Yayasan Filantra

      Filantra is a social institution that provides consultation and implementation of CSR and social funds for the good of nature and others.

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