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      Makhzoumi Foundation, NGO

      Makhzoumi Foundation aims to help empower the community in Lebanon to achieve self-sufficient independence via improved prospects.

      Michel Daher Foundation

      Our work revolves around supporting the Lebanese society by responding to its needs and providing various services.

      Lebanese SpotLight

      Youth-led NGO, Empowering Youth to Lead Positive Change

      Lebanese Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development LCESD

      LCESD is an NGO, established on September 28, 2004 (Registration No.:101/AD), concerned with environmental sustainability projects.

      The Awareness and Consolation Association - ACA

      We are working on 8 main sectors: Health - Relief- Shelter - Protection - Education - Wash - Livelihood - Social Support and Sponsorship.

      Lebanese National Energy

      The Lebanese National Energy is a non-profit civil society organization aimed at social, national and economic development.

      Dooda Solutions

      Dooda is an innovative Women-Led earthworm farm that raises earthworms to produce premium quality Organic Fertilizer - Vermicompost in the solid and liquid form ...

      Vision Youth Empowerment Organization

      Vision is dedicated to empowering Lebanese youth through a variety of business and entrepreneurship solutions that enable them to improve their life

      RIKAZ for Development and Education

      organization that work in the field of education and development in lebanon

      Design for Communities

      Local NGO that brings together designers and professional to design and engage in community-based projects

      Makhzoumi Foundation

      Empowering a better tomorrow

      Integrated Family Association

      The Integrated Family Association was established in 2008 with the aim of providing health, psychological, social, educational and cultural services to society. ...

      Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development

      Raising the Lebanese citizen’s situation, through reinforcing the citizens’ role in achieving sustainable human development

      Development accessible for all

      developing and creating socioeconomic and health-related opportunities for the community


      Serepta was founded in 2008, Serepta association is a healthy and social charitable association concerned with serving the local community.

      itqan association for development

      We work to achieve sustainable community development through an integrated system of development projects, with the support of various societal sectors ...


      We examine and evaluate facts to find solutions for challenges by creating social entrepreneurial projects.

      Tiro Association for Arts (TAA)

      Tiro Association for arts (TAA) registered under No.2633/2012, is a non-governmental organization located in South Lebanon.

      We can't find platforms that match your search

      Check out a collection of featured and recommended options below