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      Qatarat Foundation for Development

      An NGO located in Yemen that was founded in 2022 under permit number 566 committed to education, health, shelter, WASH, emergency relief, community development ...

      al prince foundation for humanitarian development

      تأسست مؤسسة البرنس لتوعية والتنمية الإنسانية في محافظة عدن عام 2018 وتحمل تصريع عمل رقم 587 وتعمل في قطاع التعليم والصحة والتمكين الاقتصاد والحماية وبناء السلام ...

      Global Shapers Aden Foundation

      The Foundation efforts are focused on social, economic, & environmental issues, with the goal of creating sustainable change & fostering development in Aden ...

      bright yemen organization

      who are we: an independent, non-profit organization established in 2018 AD, to implement many relief and development projects

      Yemen Family Care Association

      YFCA is a leading, independent and non-governmental organization that works nationwide at different levels to promote equitable and sustainable development. ...

      Oxygen Relief and Development Organization

      A local non-governmental organization whose primary goal is to work in the environmental and development field

      Gusoor for Peace and Coexistence

      The organization focuses on supporting and promoting stability in local communities through an integrated performance system that stems from sustainable develop ...

      Foundation for the Protection of Children and Youth, Al Dhalea Governorate

      The institution was founded by a group of young volunteers, human rights activists, and other active figures in the province on December 14, 2012. The instituti ...

      Musanadah Foundation for Development

      MFD is a non-government organization bases in Yemen and specialized in renewable energy and its access to Yemeni rural and semi-urban areas.

      NDEO Development and Evolution Organization

      We are a youth-led non-profit organization based in the Middle East (Yemen) and work in several areas including humanitarian aid development, and climate action ...

      Best Foundation for Development

      The core mission of the Best Foundation (BFD)is to eradicate poverty, foster gender equality, promote good governance, and ensure access to quality education. ...

      Civil Network For Media , Development and Human Rights.

      Is a civil professional , volunteering, independent and institution frame , legal and media foundation , which are non-governmental and non-profitable. ...

      Global Aid for Development and Rights

      It is a non-profit organization. This organization empowering the target groups of society by achieving the Millennium Development Goals

      Droub Alamal Foundation for Development and Rehabilitation

      The organization was established with a simple self-effort of ambitious young people in institutional work in 2018 to provide services to society, especially yo ...

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