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      Joy Pieces

      we work on recyclling materials and manufacture daily necessities products in a distinctive modern artistic way, Believing we can reuse our things again by art ...

      Dura Islamic Society for the Orphans

      A charitable organization in Dura city-Palestine. It takes care of orphans and poor in the South Hebron area - West Bank, a population of more than 150,000. ...

      Wafaa Microfinance and Capacity Building

      Wafaa Palestine is a brach of Wafaa International Group, in Palestine wafaa works in empowering the Palestinian people financially and socially

      Israa University

      Israa University in Gaza (ISUG) is an academic institution that was established in 2014 and works under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Ed ...

      Al Aqsa University

      Al-Aqsa University (AQU) in Gaza is an independent Palestinian academic institute, according to the law of civil service

      Fares AlArab for Development and Charity Works

      Fares Al Arab seeks to participate in raise the status of developmental & charitable works in the Gaza Strip through implementation of social charity program ...

      The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

      Established in 2003, APN is an independent NPO concerned with the protection of the environment and natural resources against all hazards.

      Al Nour Charity for The Development And Enabling The Dlsplacer And Refuge Woman

      It is an organization that provides assistance to displaced and displaced women by building their capacities, educating them on their rights, and enabling them ...


      We are an IT company

      Rural Association For Agriculture Development

      The Association was established in 1990 as a green community and obtained a license from the Ministry of Interior under No. 751

      Palestine Wildlife Society

      The Palestine Wildlife society (PWLS) is a Palestinian NGO established in 1999 for wildlife protection and nature conservation in Palestine.

      Youth Without borders forum

      Youth Without Borders Foundation seeks to raise the capacity and develop the knowledge and skills of youth by providing training programs for them, to deal with ...

      Ajyal for Creativity and Development

      Ajyal a Palestinian nongovernmental organization established in 2003 .

      The Arab Education Forum

      The Arab Education Forum is a space of learning empowered by a group of youth, through Tijwal, Hakaya and other activities.

      Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability - Bethlehem University

      PIBS was established to research, educate about, and conserve our natural world, culture and heritage. Vision: sustainable human and natural communities. ...

      Future Association for Development and Environment

      F.A.D.E seeks to support community development in Palestine generally and Gaza Strip particularly. Furthermore, it aims to contribute in securing healthy ...

      Bayader for Environment and Development Association (Bayader)

      Bayader for Environment & Development (Bayader) is a non-governmental organization established in 2007 aiming to develop the Palestinian community and society . ...

      Gaza Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture

      It is legally registered in March 2018 as an NGO.GUPAP Working for Agricultural Policies and Practices that Enhance Resilience and Food Sovereignty.

      Arab Center for Agricultural Development- ACAD

      Palestinian NGO works in agricultural and rural field.

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