Adopt an Olive Tree in Palestine

You can support local communities in Palestine reach our goal of planting 300-400 olive trees in the Northeast west bank in the first year.

Adopt an Olive Tree in Palestine


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Plant an olive tree in Palestine for $30!

Our story 

In 2021 settler violence and devastating attacks destroyed more than, 9000 olive trees. This has severely affected the livelihoods of Palestinian people with over 100,000 families relying on the olive harvest to support themselves.

This campaign seeks to support Palestinian women farmers in areas threatened with confiscation by the occupation in the northern West Bank through the use of the "Olive sponsorship" approach as a mechanism to support olive farmers who have lost their farms due to settler attacks in recent years, this donation that is considered one of the legitimate zakats exits under the opinion of the Palestinian Fatwa House.

You can sponsor an olive tree for a $30 donation.

Your contribution includes the cost of planting and maintaining one olive tree per year. The tree would also be named after you as a kind of symbolism and literary property of the tree.

Your Sponsorship of an olive tree will strengthen the philosophy of returning to the land and producing it as one of the components of the real national economy.

In order to contribute to the continuation of the olive guarantee approach, it will be agreed with the farmers benefiting from the initiative to allocate 5-10% of the annual olive tree production to sponsor new olive trees or to sponsor orphans.

This is how YOU can help!

In Ramadan, you can help local communities in Palestine reach our goal of planting 300-400 olive trees in the Northeast west bank in the first year.

Help female Palestinian farmers restore and grow new olive groves, as well as increase green areas, protect the environment, and support sustainable livelihood. 

"If a Muslim plant a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift for them." ‏– Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Plant a tree on behalf of a loved one or yourself as the gift of Sadaqa Jariyah!

With one simple gift, you can make a big difference.


Who We Are

"Local Communities" is an independent, non-profit Palestinian civil organization, established in 2020 that focuses on local development and local government with national, regional, and international dimensions. "Local Communities" seek and aspire to provide local communities a voice in order to empower and develop themes as well as to promote and protect their right to development based on active and meaningful citizens’ participation and an equitable distribution of benefits and resulting gains.

“Local Communities” depends on promoting genuine partnership and collaboration among the constituents of local communities in order to conclude new social contracts that allow for local development achievement within the framework of good, reasonable, and sustainable local governance.

This campaign is part of the Crowdfunding Academy Project, It was developed by Tadamon, IsDB and ISFD, UNDP and BuildPalestine.

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