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Muslim Hands United for The Needy

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Muslim Hands is an international Non-governmental organization works in over fifty-two countries worldwide to help those affected by natural disasters&conflict


Organisation type

Nonprofit organisation

Annual Budget

100 000 - 1 000 000 USD



SDG / Categories

Quality EducationNo PovertyReduced InequalitiesPeace, Justice & Strong InstitutionsClean Water & SanitationPartnerships for the GoalsGood Health & Well BeingDecent work & Economic GrowthIslamic Finance (Zakat)

Field of Activities

Poverty Alleviation
Women Empowerment

Organisation Laguage





Nazar Mahmoud Abdelfadiel



Muslim Hands is an international Non-governmental organization in over fifty-two countries worldwide to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict, and poverty. The organization was established in 1993 in Nottingham, UK. Muslim Hands has received the Investor in People award in the UK and has also achieved the standard ISO 9001:2000. Muslim Hands is registered in the UK with British Overseas NGOs Development (BOND), Department for International Development (DFID) and is a signatory to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief.

Muslim Hands registered in Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs as INGO ,since 2003 for working in Sustainable Livelihoods, Education, Health, Orphans and Child Welfare, Water Sanitation & Hygiene, Hungerand Environment.

In addition to the main office inKhartoumstate - Omdurman , Al Mohandesin area ,Muslim Hands works through5sub-offices covering most needy areas in Sudan .

Muslim Hands Sub offices:

1-   Darfur states ( Nyala )

2-    Kordofan states

In 2005, the Sudan office was chosen to be a regional office to oversee relief and emergency programs in Niger, Mali, Central Africa, Malawi and Somalia.


In 2007, the Sudan office was assigned as the regional office to register the organization in the countries of Niger and Mali. The Sudan Regional Office supervised the opening and establishment of the two offices and the appointment of the main staff therein

Mission ,Vision and Values


Mission:To be at the forefront in delivering relief from poverty, sickness, andthe provision of education world-wide. To provide an ethical service for the collection and distribution of funds in an effective, efficient, transparent, and wholly accountable manner         






Vision: Muslim Hands is working towards tackling the root causes of poverty and creating a fairer world for everyone through its interventions in long term while providing short term relief as well Muslim Hands believe is that every human being has the right to education, access to clean water, access to basic health, food and means to earn livelihood for themselves and their families.


Values :Reliance, trust in and fear of Allah - Love of Prophet SAW, Sincerity , Truthfulness, Kindness and Respect


Objectives of the organization:


-       Fighting illiteracy among vulnerable communities (Orphaned and poor children, IDPs and nomads) through providing quality education services

-       Fight thirst and water-borne diseases and provide clean and safe drinking water that helps the development of rural communities

-       To participate on sustainable development through livelihood project.

-       Quick response to emergency situation.




In-order to improve effectiveness and efficiency, MH will better align its Programs with the Agenda 2030 (SDGs)


Muslim Hands Sudan Strategic Objectives


1-   Strengthen the capacity of all MH Sudan staff, stockholders, to have institutional funds.

2-   Improve the quality of life for vulnerable communities by provide safe, clean water .

3-   Provide long term quality education for vulnerable children which is suit and satisfy their future


Fields of work

In all MH countries of operation, we are providing following services through our long-term programmes intervention

1- Access to primary and secondary education 

2- Water, Sanitation, Health and Hygiene

3- Provision of basic health services

 4- Lively hood &Income Generation

5 - Women empowerment

6 - Child protection

7 - Youth empowerment

8-Community Infrastructure (Schools, Masjids)

9- Refugees &IDPs emergency interventions.

10- Emergency response (Natural& Manmade) disasters

11- Reduce the Negative impacts of COVID-19 among the refugees, IDPs and in Schools and among Medical Staff.








Collaboration And Partnerships

Muslim Hands have partnerships with the International (UN, INGOs) Partners , Line Ministries and concerned bodies as following:

1-   World Vision


3-   WFP


5-   HayratYardim

6-   WES ( Water Sanitation and Hygiene )

7-   Ministry of Education

8-   Ministry of Health

9-   Humanitarian Aid Commission

10- COR

11- Al-Basr International Charitable Foundation, Sudan

12 Combat Violence against Women ( CVAW)



Target beneficiaries

The primary target of the is orphans, vulnerable children

people with disabilities, widows, youths, and women who live in needy areas.,

Some of our Achievements


v Provided education and free education services for more than (1300) orphaned and poor children.

v 500 Graduates of Muslim hands schools in universities in various colleges such as medicine, engineering, economics, education, Arts, and administrative sciences...ect

v Provided education for more than (12000) IDPs Children in IDPs camps in Darfur.

v Construction of more than (25) rural schools for nomad’s children and more than 22500 students are benefiting from the program.

v Construction of more than 700 rural masjids in rural areas, more than 800 community has been benefiting from it beside place for warship : it uses for community centres and classrooms 

v Provided safe clean water for more than (245000) persons.

v Provided food assistants for more than 100, 0000 persons yearly through seasonal projects and emergency.    

v Helping more than (350) poor and needy families to improve their standard of living by livelihood projects.

v Helping more than (2100) vulnerable persons (Cataract Eye Operations )

v affected by flood in Khartoum, Aljazeera and White Nile states.

v Conducted 20 awareness sessions for communities on how to protect themselves from Covid-19 and distributed 2000 personal protection equipment in different institutes such as;- hospitals, prisons , police stations and petrol stations.

v Distributed 10500  food parcels, nonfood items, clothes and personal protection equipment for Ethiopian Refugees in camps.

v Consolidating the concept of participation (Local contribution) for construction projects and got 80 communities that participated in Masjids construction.

v Built the capacity of MH Sudan staff through many training courses and effective partnerships.


Education for Orphaned and poor children


The schools for orphans and poor children , provides every things that a child needs such as : transportation , school meal , stationeries, uniform , medical check up& medication etc.

The number of registered children in our schools is 1300 boys and girls