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      Be the HOPE for Palestinian children by supporting their Circus Education

      Be the HOPE for Palestinian children by supporting their Circus Education

      Palestinian Circus School uses social circus as a method to empower Palestinian children and youth, by developing their cognitive, social, artistic and physical ...

      $9,894 / $8000

      by The Palestinian Circus School (PCS)
      A Model of Inclusive School in Senegal

      A Model of Inclusive School in Senegal

      The campaign will provide solutions through the establishment of adequate infrastructure, rehabilitation of a water point with the installation of a modern sola ...

      $10,140 / $10000

      by Initiative pour le Développement Communautaire (IDC)
      A Trot from Disease

      A Trot from Disease

      Children with special needs undergo rehabilitation courses free of charge through therapeutic riding, doing exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine. ...

      $5,170 / $5000

      by Public association "city society of disabled people"
      Help a Child to Find a Family!

      Help a Child to Find a Family!

      Our main goal is to help children living in orphanages find a family! To do this, we help and prepare 90 foster parents so that they take the child from the orp ...

      $2,340 / $2340

      by Общественный фонд "Центр комплексной поддержки семьи "Семейная Академия"

      $101,985 / $11690

      by The Public Foundation named after Agabek Karabekov
      Collect Waste from 1,000,000 Households in 19 Cities in Lebanon

      $5,000 / $20000

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Active Mother - Healthy Baby

      Providing courses and materials about safe childbirth for 50 people, providing a masterclass about pregnancy for 50 people. Help a webinar for pregnancy for 100 ...

      $25,000 / $7011

      by Private foundation "Satti Erkemai"
      Create Safe and Open Spaces for Children and Families in Rural Jerusalem

      $4,220 / $10000

      by RIWAQ- Centre for Architectural Conservation
      Creating a community that has water and sanitiation facilities

      Creating a community that has water and sanitiation facilities

      Creating a community, which leads to independence, through increasing and strengthening the local economy and health status in the village.

      $23,500 / $23500

      by LAZ Harapan Dhuafa
      Support Anti-Corruption School

      $7,000 / $7000

      by Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW)
      Educate and Empower 55 East Bali Mountain Children

      Educate and Empower 55 East Bali Mountain Children

      Your donations enable East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) to continue providing quality education in 2022 for all 55 students.

      $67,757 / $60980

      by East Bali Poverty Project
      Financial Support 1000 Street Vendors & People with Disabilities

      $2,349 / $16655

      by Dompet Kepedulian Muslim
      Help 10 young women attend the FIRST female university in Somaliland

      Help 10 young women attend the FIRST female university in Somaliland

      Support 10 students with Tuition fees, School Supplies, Food, Medical Care and Accommodation at the first all-female University in Somali

      $3,901 / $7500

      by Abaarso Network
      Help us build "Al Wadi" Library for children in Jerusalem

      Help us build "Al Wadi" Library for children in Jerusalem

      The "Al-Wadi Library" project aims to promote a love for reading and to cultivate a rich culture of curiosity and knowledge in Jerusalem city - Palestine. ...

      $5,000 / $5000

      by Wadi Al-Joz Charitable Society
      Adopt an Olive Tree in Palestine

      $8,000 / $8000

      by Local communities -Palestine


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      Civil Network For Media , Development and Human Rights.

      Is a civil professional , volunteering, independent and institution frame , legal and media foundation , which are non-governmental and non-profitable. ...


      At we for growth we work around Women Empowermen and social economics opportunity for women and girls to get equal access to resources including skills ...

      Environmental Green Horizons Society

      جمعية آفاق خضراء البيئية ، مؤسسة غير ربحية، مسجلة لدى وزارة البيئة الأردنية، تهتم في قضايا البيئة في الأردن، مع الاخذ بعين الاعتبار الابعاد الاجتماعية والاقتصاد ...

      Taimako Community Development Initiative

      TCDI is a non-profit organization, whose major objective is improving rural and urban communities through developmental and self –help driven programmes. ...

      Aden Youth Foundation

      مؤسسة مجتمع مدني

      Charity Warehouse Association in Sharurah

      جمعية إغاثية تقدم المساعدات المتنوعة للفقراء وجعلهم فاعلين في المجتمع

      alfaisalya women welfare society

      Al- Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society was founded in Jeddah in 1396 AH – 1975 AD; since its foundation the Society began the implementation of social, health, ...

      Building development housing in Bisha

      كل ما يخص الإسكان من ترميم وصيانة وبناء

      ONG Maison Mere

      La Maison Mere est une organisation de la société civile guinéenne axé sur la promotion et la protection des enfants.

      Albaydha Society for development

      We implement empowerment and development programs in villages of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.

      Green land Agricultural association

      The association mainly supports women and the youth workforce through projects aimed at employing them to provide them with financial income to help their famil ...

      Down Syndrome Charitable Association

      Down Syndrome Charitable Association, Dsca was founded 2002 in the city of Riyadh • Scope of work DSCA provides an invaluable safety net for families of chil ...

      360Moms, INC

      A smart mobile application providing parents with essential tools to help solve their everyday challenges and concerns.

      Coalition of Relief and Building

      Coalition of Relief and Building is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2016, independent with No(20-G2016).

      Solution for Humanity SFH

      SFH Is a non-profit ngo, non-partisan humanitarian Organisation dedicated to the humanitarian principles of: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality and Independent ...

      Bina for sustainable development

      Training, development and incubation of projects

      Volunteers without Borders

      Volunteers without Borders is a Sudanese national Voluntary Humanitarian NGO, was founded in September 2021 in Eldaein East Dar Fur St

      Raamos Development Forum

      The RAAMOS DEVELOPMENT FORUM (RDF) is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-political and Multi sectorial organization.