Fostering Hope

The campaign will ensure a safe, suitable, and specialized educational environment, coupled with effective, professional, and compassionate care for children with special needs.

Fostering Hope



Campaign Status

Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline, and as a result, the fundraising process continues. Additionally, the campaign will be launched on the Invest My Idea page as soon as the platform starts operating.


The crowdfunding campaign aims to empower 50 families of children with special needs by providing sustainable educational opportunities to 100 children, enhancing the quality of education, and offering social and psychological support to promote economic and social independence. 


The world is witnessing an increasing focus on ensuring a dignified and sustainable life for all members of society, including individuals with special needs, especially children. This interactive approach reflects the unique values of diversity and inclusivity within the community, aiming to provide equal opportunities for everyone across various aspects of life, including the economy, society, and health.

Families of children with special needs constitute an important category deserving of special support and efforts based on the principle of comprehensive empowerment.

These individuals face multiple challenges in various areas of their lives, including education, employment, health, and social participation. Hence, the importance of providing a supportive and conducive environment that helps develop their potential and enhance their independence becomes evident.

Within this context, the "Fostering Hope" campaign led by the Independent Cultural Association focuses on empowering families of children with special needs in Maysan Governorate, particularly those residing on the fringes of marshes, districts, and remote areas away from city centers. These children often face difficulties in integrating them into mainstream schools, and finding specialized classes or educational zones that cater to their specific needs proves challenging. Moreover, dealing with them requires advanced professional, scientific, and human skills.


As part of the campaign, multifaceted support is provided to over 100 children and more than 50 families. This endeavor aims to achieve economic independence by offering sustainable educational opportunities for these children, including enhancing the quality of education and teaching skills tailored to their needs.

It also aims to enhance social independence by providing social and psychological support to families, thereby contributing to their active participation in society.

Initiatives like these underscore the power of cooperation and collective action among various entities, including local government, charitable organizations, civil society, companies, and volunteers. These partnerships lead to enhancing the effectiveness of efforts and achieving positive results that continue to improve the lives of individuals with special needs and their families.

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