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      Shaping a Bright Future

      Shaping a Bright Future

      The campaign will provide high-quality vocational training for 100 women to empower them to enter the labor market and improve their employment prospects by equ ...


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      Al Hub Wa Al Salam Iraqi Globally

      ILP is a local NGO based in Anbar - Iraq, established on 2012, ILP is working on Youth and women empowerment, Livelihood , climate change , and peacebuilding ...

      Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Organization

      Iraqi Reconstruction Development Organization (IRDO),a humanitarian non-profit organization which has no interest or work with any political party.

      Accepting Others Organization AOO

      AOO is an Iraqi-based women's rights organization advancing the rights, safety, protection, and empowerment of women.

      Tikrit Youth Center For Volunteer Work

      An formal NGO established after the liberation of areas from ISIS groups & work in several projects spicily in social cohesion & support democracy pro jects ...

      Women Empowerment Organization

      Established in 2004, Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) is a pioneer women rights-oriented national women-led organization that works to promote equal rights ...

      European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, and Iraqi Peace Organization for Youth and Sport

      We are a Europe-based organization working with local partners for the advancement of human rights and democracy in the Middle East.

      Sahara Economic Development Organization (SEDO)

      Iraqi National NGO established in July 2007 to support the marginalized and vulnerable groups in Iraq

      Sunrise Organization for Civil Society Development

      Sunrise Organization for Civil Society Development (Sunrise NGO) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political and impartial organization ...

      Kurdistan Relief Association

      Kurdistan relief association (KRA): Is national non-profit Organization " dedicate to relief the Needy people, Building capacity of Youth to support living le ...

      zumurd Foundation for Relief and Sustainable Development

      The Foundation was established as a non-governmental organization within civil society organizations seeking to provide decent living opportunities for people a ...

      Afkar Developing Organization

      The organization is a non-governmental civil society organization, independent and not affiliated with any political or religious current.

      Lutheran World Federation

      LWF has intervened in Iraq since 2014, supporting IDP, H.C and Refugees, sectors: 1. Livelihood 2. Protection 3. Business Recovery 4. Social Cohesion 5. WASH. ...

      Umbrella Foundation for Building Peace, Sustainable Development and Relations

      IQ-Umbrella Foundation Seeks to support the humanitarian file in its comprehensive concept with a strategic thought from the perspective of human interests. ...

      Al Nour Charity for The Development And Enabling The Dlsplacer And Refuge Woman

      It is an organization that provides assistance to displaced and displaced women by building their capacities, educating them on their rights, and enabling them ...


      نحن مجموعة من الشباب والشابات نقدم رسالة وعي و فكر تكنولوجي صناعي تجاري عن طريق طرح أفكارنا على الجهات المختصة تأسس عام 2014

      Khairat Al-Zahra Humanitarian Organization

      A non-profit organization concerned with empowering young people of both sexes in the developmental, educational and recreational aspects

      Lebanese International training and Development

      Lebanese based NGO, focuse on the voulntering culture to improve society througout capacity building projects and skills development.

      Al-Ola Organization for Public Service

      It is a humanitarian organization concerned with educational, health, social and environmental services and is concerned with empowering women

      Ero organization for relief and development

      Local registered NGO in Baghdad with clear vision aimed to help vulnerable communities in Nineveh.

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