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      Help Biscuit Fly to Dubai

      Help Biscuit Fly to Dubai

      The campaign will save the life of a sea turtle.

      $2,700 / $10,000



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      Community Empowerment Linkage

      CEL is a non-governmental organization (CR/43/2020) composed of the youth of two genders belonging to M. Mulah. CEL was formally registered on September 6, 2020 ...

      Club Polestar

      Founded in the year 1999, Club Pole Star is a registered NGO and the first of its kind operating on the island. Since its inception, the Club Pole Star (CPS) ...


      This is an NGO based in Kulhudhuffushi City, Maldives. We mostly work with youth to train and give them leadership opportunities through sports activities. ...

      Ihavandhoo Masveringe Gulhun

      Our goal is to improve the human resources of fishermen and create a civilized citizen. and to develop an educational background.

      Hanimaadhoo Zuvaanunge Jamiyyaa

      had a vision of making the people of Hanimaadhoo a healthy, educated, united and hardworking people who love Islam and are free from drugs. Conducting education ...

      Society for Awareness Fostering and Enlightenment

      We work towards the awareness of oneself & growth, motivating people towards the well-being of the society & self-development by helping to sustain life values. ...

      The Eco Organization

      The Eco Organization (TEO) is a non-profit founded in Maldives in 2019 and our work is mainly focused on promoting sustainable innovations

      Maldives Authentic Crafts Cooperate Soceity (MACCS)

      MACCS is a cooperative with the purpose of developing & marketing authentic handicrafts as well as working for the environmental conservation of Maldives ...

      International Pole-and-Line Foundation - Maldives

      We work in small-scale fisheries, promoting them on the back of its market demand for sustainably and ethically caught fish

      Musicians' Union of Maldives

      We seek to empower locals who are employed in all aspects of the music industry in the Maldives.

      We Care Nursing Home Services

      to focus on the type of nursing care which depends on the patients’ individual needs a registered nurse will set up a plan of care

      Alzheimer's Society of Maldives

      We are a non-profit CSO. Our aims are to increase awareness, providing support, advocating and find means of better care through research.

      Hulhumale Womens Development Association

      Working towards ending all forms of violence against women and domestic violence, while also promoting gender equality and women’s participation in public life. ...

      Society for Health Education

      Established in 1988, and works for 4 different focus areas; i.e. Sexual and Reproductive Health, Counseling and Psychosocial Services, Thalassemia and Health Ed ...


      Creative, and collective organization in the hopes of paving cultural, artistic and progressive innovations on the betterment of society & world

      Women Enhancement - WE

      WE is a local NGO based in Laamu Fonadhoo, Maldives aiming for women empowerment

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