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      Welfare and Development Charity Organization

      WeDCO, a not-for-profit organisation registered in Sudan under No 1300, helps poor communities, elderly, IDPs, refugees and PWDS.

      International Islamic Charity Organization, Sudan office

      We are an independent, multi-faceted charity that provides its humanitarian services to those in need in the world

      Women Training and Development Organization

      Women Training and Development is a voluntary non profit , national and charitable organization founded in 2020 under the voluntary Humanitarian Work Act 2006. ...

      Reaaia Organization

      منظمة الرعاية منظمة سودانية طوعية تأسست عام 2004م تعمل في المجال التعليمي والاجتماعي والدعوي والإغاثي والتنموي والصحي ومشاريع المياه والكفالات بأنواعها. ...

      Palestinian student fund organization

      Psfo is a non-governmental organization established in 1992. It specializes in sponsoring Palestinian students studying in Sudanese universities.

      Volunteers without Borders

      Volunteers without Borders is a Sudanese national Voluntary Humanitarian NGO, was founded in September 2021 in Eldaein East Dar Fur St

      United Pan Africanist Movement

      is a transnational, non-political, non-discriminatory and multidisciplinary organization whose objective is to foster the development and unity of Africa to eco ...

      HealthCare 2.0

      By combining smart technology with our team of experts, HealthCare 2.0 offers a uniquely seamless experience in Sudan - with virtual and in-person appointments ...

      NoqtatDou Development Association

      Our focus area is women and youth empowerment and human rights

      Aglam Educational Organisation

      is an educational, developmental, voluntary, and charitable organization concerned with education in its various stages.

      Shambat cooperative

      Cooperative for helping poor families

      Namaa organization for agricultural development

      Namaa organization for agricultural development is a non profit organization works to support agricultural sector and associated community .

      Geneva Institute for Human Rights

      The Geneva Institute for Human Rights (GIHR) is a non-governmental organisation, that works with a broad target audience with the aim of promoting human rights. ...

      youth organization

      هي منظمة تعمل على تنمية مهارات الشباب وقدراتهم ف

      Centre for Development Strategies CDS

      To collaborate with government institutions and other actors including private se tor to improve living conditions of communities.

      Our hands for change organisation

      biography Our Hands for Change is a national organization, an independent, registered and non-profit organization. It was established in April 2021 through a gr ...

      Dream Development Organization

      A non-profit voluntary organization that contributes to filling food shortages in Sudan

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