Winter Relief for Flood Victims

The campaign will distribute winterization kits to those affected by the flood.

Winter Relief for Flood Victims

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline, and as a result, the fundraising process continues.


The campaign aims to provide winterized tents, warm clothing, bedding, and necessary items to the flood-affected people.


Being a disaster-prone zone, Swat district (KP Province, Pakistan) was severely affected by the flash flood of 2022. In the Swat valley, the flash flood originated from the upper parts, specifically tehsil Bahrain and Matta, resulting in the worst damages. The area remained cut off from the rest of the district for almost 20 days. The situation is expected to worsen as the area has become prone to severe snowfall in the last couple of years.

A Multi-sector Rapid Need Assessment (MSRNA) was conducted by UNOCHA in partnership with all humanitarian actors, in which EPS participated and supported data collection in the worst-affected northern part of the province. The report revealed that 14% of the population is temporarily displaced in Swat district. The poor and vulnerable displaced families, as well as the host communities, require urgent support in the form of aid to build their resilience for the severe winter season.

The situation in Swat differs from other parts of the country. The area lost its main accessibility route in the flood, and while it has been temporarily restored, it will become inaccessible after the snowfall. The region experiences snowfall from early November until February and March. Considering this, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority of KP has issued a notification for the first snowfall in the Swat district from October 18 to 21, 2022.

Tehsil Bahrain and Matta of Swat district mainly consist of hilly jeepable terrain with evident poverty and vulnerability. The situation in the area could worsen, given these conditions.


In this context, a timely and effective response in the form of warm clothing and winterization kits will enhance the resilience of the affected and vulnerable poor families to the severe cold weather.

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