Supporting Youth in Preventing Violent Extremism

The campaign will put young people at the forefront to fight against violent extremism for a lasting solution.

Supporting Youth in Preventing Violent Extremism

Ongoing campaign

Campaign Status

Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to provide training to 500 young men and women through activities such as entrepreneurship workshops and discussions on preventing violent extremism (PVE).


Violent extremism poses a borderless threat, exposing all societies to challenges like intolerance, hatred, and fear. Even areas with similar socio-geographical traits may not always appear conducive to radicalization. Some seemingly ordinary places can become hotbeds for extremism.

The rise of violent extremism lacks a singular cause or pathway to extremist violence. Force alone has proven insufficient against a threat rooted in exclusive worldviews, fueled by distorted interpretations of faith, hatred, and intolerance.

To effectively counter this threat, "soft power" must be incorporated. This approach, as demonstrated in Mauritania, involves awareness-raising, dialogue, cultural and community exchanges, and empowering young people.


One of the recommended approaches in our project is peer learning, supplemented by supporting testimonials. Research indicates that involving peers in activities or inviting testimonials, including those from former violent extremists or victims (either in person or through videos), has a positive impact on learners.

Project Components:

  • Education and Awareness for the Prevention of Violent Extremism: This component aims to establish educational programs that enhance the resilience of young people against messages from radical extremists. It also promotes the development of a genuine sense of identity and belonging.
  • Youth Participation and Empowerment: This component strives to create an environment conducive to youth empowerment and democratic participation, ensuring that young women and men have opportunities to become active global citizens.

  • Involving the Media in the ENP: This component aims to mobilize political leaders and media actors through effective measures to prevent violent extremism and radicalization.
  • Promoting Cultural Diversity: This component aims to involve youth in safeguarding all forms of heritage and promoting cultural diversity to establish more equitable, inclusive, and peaceful societies.