Supporting Social and Environmental Projects

The campaigns contributes to the Indonesian community through social and environmental initiatives.

Supporting Social and Environmental Projects


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Campaign Status

Campaign Completed: After the Tadamon Crowdfunding Academy, the organization has scaled up the campaign in additional follow-up campaigns and successfully raised funds via the following sources:


The campaigns aim to implement various social and environmental responsibility programs to support Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia. Over 300 campaigns have been launched on different platforms, which can be found via the links above. A few examples of campaigns can be found below:

1- Support the Education of Orphans in Indonesia:

Via this campaign, $125,838 were collected.


Being an orphan is difficult, and many struggle to survive and continue their education to achieve their goals. However, many orphans have to drop out of school because they cannot afford the costs, and the burden of paying for their daily needs becomes too much to bear.


Seeing these conditions as a form of love and concern for orphans, Filantra has a program for orphans in which there are around 150 fostered orphans from various regions in Indonesia.

We named this program the Orphan Friendly Space, a facility dedicated to Filantra to provide development for the potential of orphans in the form of practical knowledge skills. In addition, we also assist with living expenses and education.

2- Support a Baby with a Tumor

Via this campaign, $8,291 were collected.


Tumors have grown on her back since she was in the womb; he doesn't have bowel movements, and she doesn't have leg caps. Now, she is 4 months old, but Dek Siti's body has not grown at all because the tumor absorbs nutrients from the breast milk she drinks, until the tumor is as big as her own head. Dek Siti needed many operations to survive his repeated illnesses, but her father was just a fisherman with a small and uncertain income.


The campaign aims to aid in Dek Siti's treatment, providing the necessary medical support for her recovery and ensuring she can grow into a healthy child without any health issues.

3- River Conservation and Tree Planting

Via this campaign, $9,503 were collected.


Among the millions of people living in the big city, Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia, hundreds of people have difficulty accessing clean water. The Cikapundung River has an upstream catchment area of ​​111.3 km². Around 750,559 people live in the Cikapundung watershed. Even though they lived near an abundant water source, they couldn't do anything about it. Because rivers are polluted by rubbish, the river does not function as it should. Around 350 tons of rubbish are thrown away by Bandung City residents into the Cikapundung River every day, even according to information from local residents, when the rainy season comes their area is used to being submerged by floods from river water that overflows.


Seeing the many river and environmental problems, Filantra in synergy with Indodax and Ayohelp wants to work on cleaning the Cikapundung river flow and planting trees in the city of Bandung with a river conservation and tree planting program, which aims to:

  • Clean and maintain the cleanliness of rivers from rubbish and waste
  • Educate the public about the importance of protecting the environment and the positive impacts of a clean environment
  • Overcome floods and increasing biodiversity by planting trees

For more campaigns, please check out the following sources: