Stop Hunger by Supporting Zamfara State Refugees

The campaign will rescue refugees from hunger caused by inflation rates of food crops and insecurity through agricultural empowerment.

Stop Hunger by Supporting Zamfara State Refugees

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to increase the availability of food crops to the refugees by engaging them in farming systems.


There are more than 70,000 refugees in Zamfara State, Nigeria, seeking assistance, food support, and palliatives to survive. They find themselves in this hardship due to insecurity caused by bandits terrorizing their communities in rural areas. Fleeing has left behind shelters, farms, and food as they seek asylum. Many have been kidnapped and tortured to death for failing to deliver ransom. Additionally, the price of food commodities increases rapidly every single day, causing scarcity of food crops (inflation) in Nigeria. According to our research, it was found that 75% of the affected victims are from rural areas and are farmers.

Every refugee, orphan, and household living in the camp faces the same critical condition of hunger and the need for income for day-to-day expenses. They find it extremely difficult to survive due to the average rise in the price (inflation rate) of food commodities facing the country. This has resulted in a lack of support, help, and food donations from citizens and the government in particular.


Our organization intends to raise $30,000 to equip the refugee youth at Anka Local Community Refugees Camp for Agricultural Empowerment. This initiative aims to improve the feeding strategy for our refugees by engaging them in a farming system titled "Operation Feed Ourselves Reform." Rather than waiting hopelessly and depending on government palliatives and others, this approach empowers refugees to become self-sufficient, especially in the face of the rapid increase in inflation of food commodities in Nigeria.

The importance of this campaign cannot be overstated as it will significantly impact the lives of these less privileged individuals.

We intend to increase the availability of food crops such as rice, white beans, soybeans, cabbages, and carrots through the implementation of two strategic planning systems: the rain-fed farming system and the irrigation farming system.

To achieve this goal, we require $30,000 for:

  • Construction of storage buildings
  • Purchase of harvesting machines
  • Acquisition of NPK fertilizer
  • Procurement of local manure
  • Contribution to water sources
  • Purchase of farming implements like hoes, cutlasses, and knives.

We are eager to save lives by feeding thousands of refugees and orphans, giving them hope and a renewed sense of life.

Join us in providing hope and survival to thousands of refugees through our agricultural empowerment campaign."

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