Make Training Kits Available for Vulnerable Women and Girls

The campaign will enable self-development and contribute to poverty alleviation within rural communities.

Make Training Kits Available for Vulnerable Women and Girls

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline and, thus still in the process of collecting funds. 


The campaign aims to empower rural populations, particularly women, by providing them with functional literacy skills focused on skill development.


In the provinces of Hadjer Lamis and Lac, many women and girls don't get the chance to go to school. This means they miss out on learning important skills that could help them get good jobs or start businesses. As a result, lots of families in these areas struggle financially.

Because so many women and girls don't have an education, there aren't enough skilled workers in the area. This leads to high unemployment rates because people can't find jobs that match their skills. It also means the local economy doesn't grow as much as it could if everyone had the chance to learn and work.

To fix this, it's crucial to make sure that girls have the same opportunities as boys to go to school. By investing in education for everyone, these provinces can boost their economies and give families a better chance at a brighter future.


OSDFT is launching a training campaign in Chad's Hadjer Lamis and Lac provinces to work on the economic empowerment of vulnerable youth and women. The campaign will offer targeted training in several key areas:

  • Literacy for Women: Providing essential literacy skills to women who may have missed out on formal education, empowering them to better engage with opportunities in their communities.

  • Tailored Technical Training for Newly Literate Women: Building on literacy skills, this component offers specialized training to equip women with practical skills needed for employment or entrepreneurship.
  • Tailored Technical Training for Youth: Offering focused technical training to young people, enhancing their prospects for meaningful employment and economic independence.

  • Non-formal Basic Education: Providing accessible education pathways for those who may have missed out on traditional schooling, ensuring they have the foundational knowledge necessary for personal and professional growth.

Through these targeted components, our campaign aims to unlock the potential of individuals in Hadjer Lamis and Lac, fostering sustainable economic growth and empowerment within these communities.

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