Keep Gender-Based Violence Survivors Safe and Economically Empowered

The campaign will guide ten girls who have overcome gender-based violence to safety, constructing housing for them and fostering their economic empowerment.

Keep Gender-Based Violence Survivors Safe and Economically Empowered

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New Campaign - Ongoing Online: The campaigns have been recently launched and, thus still in the process of collecting funds.


The crowdfunding campaign aims to support 10 girls who have endured gender-based violence in reclaiming their economic empowerment.


Each year, approximately 400 survivors of gender-based violence receive support in the five AMSME centers. Most of these survivors come from disadvantaged, marginalized families, residing in extremely precarious slum towns. Their homes in these environments offer no security for them and their families. Often housed in barracks with openings on both sides and lacking a lock on their door, these girls are among the most vulnerable individuals confronting gender-based violence. Within this group of 400 survivors, approximately ten find themselves in a state of extreme insecurity and require urgent security measures.


The project aims to bring around ten girls who are survivors of gender-based violence to safety by constructing housing for them and empowering them economically. After acquiring the land, approximately ten housing units will be built, each designed to address specific challenges, and will include space for gardening. This gardening space will ultimately enable survivors to achieve financial independence by selling their crops.

These secure accommodations will offer the ten survivors a living environment with a door, toilet, and water, thereby reducing their vulnerability to gender-based violence. The dedicated gardening space will serve as a means of economic empowerment.

Therefore, the project involves providing security for these survivors through the provision of small, lock-equipped accommodations, ensuring access to drinking water, toilets, and a secure area for gardening. This dedicated vegetable gardening space will empower survivors economically. Moreover, the cultivation and sale of vegetables by the survivors will contribute to their active participation and integration into the economic and social development processes of the country, particularly by supplying the local market.

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