Help us build "Al Wadi" Library for children in Jerusalem

The "Al-Wadi Library" project aims to promote a love for reading and to cultivate a rich culture of curiosity and knowledge in Jerusalem city - Palestine.

Help us build "Al Wadi" Library for children in Jerusalem


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In the heart of Jerusalem, and just a few hundred meters away from the walls of the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Wadi Al-Jouz, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, especially children, are facing numerous challenges. Due to the occupation's constant constraints in the Old City, children and youth in the neighborhood suffer from a lack of access to age-appropriate activities, and spaces to express themselves. 

For instance, there is no public library where they can read, hang out, or participate in community events. This is especially important since Wadi Al-Jouz, like many Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, face tremendous pressure as a result of the occupation and the discriminatory practices of the police and the Jerusalemite municipality under which jurisdiction these neighborhoods fall.

To alleviate some of the pressures caused by this reality, the Wadi Al-Joz Charitable Society- which is formed by a group of local volunteers- decided to curate the “Al-Wadi Library” project. The project aims to create a library hall in its community center offering access to regional and international literature and other programs for all ages.

Why we need your support?

We believe that this library will strengthen the ties within our community and will provide a safe and enjoyable space for its members. Your support to our idea, and our crowdfunding campaign will benefit children and youth of Jerusalem, will positively impact the Jerusalemite community in general and Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood in particular for generations to come.

Support our campaign by directly donating, or by sharing the campaign link with your network.

Wadi AL-Joz is home to over 20,000 people, making it one of the largest and most densely populated neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem. It is located in a restricted geographical area, where construction and urban expansion are prohibited by the municipality.

This campaign is part of the Crowdfunding Academy Project, It was developed by Tadamon, IsDB and ISFD, UNDP and BuildPalestine.

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