Help Build 8 Village Schools in Eastern Indonesia

The Village School will be a space for the community to think freely and creatively, design, create, and innovate.

Help Build 8 Village Schools in Eastern Indonesia


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Campaign status

Campaign Completed: The campaign has achieved successful funding, raising $53,500:

  • $3,000 through Kitabisa                             
  • $38,500 through The Global Environment Facility - Small Grants Programme Indonesia              
  • $12,000 through other offline donations


The campaign aims to build 8 village schools in Eastern Indonesia.


Rian never liked attending primary school (SD) because the main elementary school was quite distant from his home. Consequently, he made the decision not to go to school.

Let's meet Rian Haka, a 12-year-old resident of Juriya Village, North Juriya Hamlet, Bilato District, Gorontalo Regency. Rian's daily routine involves assisting his parents in the garden, contributing in whatever way he can. This sets him apart from his siblings, who attend school, albeit at a distance.

Rian expressed the difficulty of not having a school in the village during that time. He yearned for the opportunity to learn, broaden his horizons, and connect with people, as he shared, "I wanted to experience how to learn, how to broaden my horizons, and how to get to know people."

The challenges faced by the community include the low quality of education, restricted access to knowledge (books and information technology), limited transportation options, and the community's struggle to adapt to the ongoing pandemic.

Another significant issue is the phenomenon of brain drain, where individuals with education from rural areas relocate to urban centers. Managing natural resources, particularly in villages, presents its own set of challenges in this context.


The Village School Initiation serves as a platform to empower and enhance community capacity.

This school will serve as a haven for the community to freely and creatively express themselves, fostering thought, design, creation, and innovation. This process will be facilitated in collaboration with Terasmitra, community members, and companion institutions.

In simple terms, the Village School helps the community come together to establish an informal school tailored to their needs.