Ensure Safe Motherhood

The campaign will provide family planning services to 1800 women and ensure prenatal care for 1300 women in the flood-affected areas of Mirpurkhas, Sindh, promoting maternal and child health.

Ensure Safe Motherhood

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Ongoing Offline: The campaign is currently ongoing offline, and as a result, the fundraising process continues.


The campaign aims to conduct health screenings for 1,300 pregnant women affected by the flood and distribute newborn baby kits and 6,412 clean delivery kits.


In the flood-affected areas of Mirpurkhas, the health and well-being of pregnant women are at risk. With over 150 damaged health facilities, destroyed homes, and limited access to essential services, pregnant women find themselves in a vulnerable situation. The preference for rebuilding homes and salvaging crops further amplifies their challenges. These circumstances have left pregnant women with restricted access to health facilities. The consequences are dire, with pregnancy complications on the rise, including unsafe abortions, miscarriages, anemia, low hemoglobin levels, malaria, typhoid, and various waterborne diseases. Pregnant women's health is in jeopardy, and immediate action is imperative. We are faced with the pressing reality that more than 2,000 women are expected to deliver their babies in the next month, while public dispensaries, Basic Health Units, and rural health centers are not fully functional in the seven Talukas of District Mirpurkhas.


1. Mobile Camps for Pregnant Women and Girls: We aim to establish mobile camps providing reproductive health facilities and family planning services. Recognizing that not all pregnant women and girls are in camps or on roads, many remain in submerged villages.

2. Screening Tests for Pregnant and Disabled Women: Pregnant and disabled women are often neglected during disasters, with family members prioritizing food items over their health. We will conduct screening tests to identify and address their specific needs.

3. Provision of Misoprostol: To combat postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), incomplete miscarriages, and other life-threatening conditions, we will provide Misoprostol. This life-saving drug can be stored for up to a year, ensuring its availability when needed most.

4. Distribution of Newborn Baby Kits and Clean Delivery Kits: We are committed to providing 6,412 Clean Delivery Kits to facilitate safe childbirth and Newborn Baby Kits to support the health of newborns.

5. Ambulance Services: Ambulances will be available to transport pregnant women who go into labor during the camping period. We will also provide transportation for those requiring procedures like Dilation and Curettage (D&C).

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